BORN in Aurora

Every time I drive down North ave. going into town, I find myself looking up, trying to figure out exactly how that "HENSE BORN" piece is painted so that I can only see it from atop the approaching hill. And how has it lasted there for so long while anything underneath it get immediately buffed away.

Well now you can get a closer look at BORN's graffiti/tattoo aesthetic by way of metal working as he has graced the walls of Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points with quite a show. Normally I would be disappointed by the inclusion of two pieces from a previous show , however BORN's standouts from the "Punk vs Metal" show at Rabbit Hole Gallery last fall are worth seeing again. While BORN falls into the cliche imagery of late: skulls, hearts, wings, and all combinations of the above; he approaches them with destructive abandon. Industrial metal barrels are ripped apart and used as canvas. Images are burned, rusted, and scraped onto their hosts. The works on paper even maintain the same abrasive feel of the metal, all the while balancing scavenged from the street with intricately constructed.

If nothing else, its refreshing to see an artist known for graffiti to present a show that is based almost entirely on metal work and relies very little on spray-paint.


Museum of Design + Cartoon Network

I first heard about the Museum of Design in Atlanta when they had the "To a T" t-shirt show in the fall. It turned out to be an amazing show with a lot of my favorite local designers represented (Dr. Blade, Epidemik Coalition, Pecan Pie Couture) as well as some others from around the country. Well the t-shirt show has come down and it sounds like the Museum of Design is outdoing themselves. This Thursday, February 1st from 5-9pm, is the opening for their new show "Cartoon Network: Design at Play". I have always been a fan of Cartoon Network's programs but never thought that their design work would get the credit it deserves. I suggest that everyone check out this show as they appear to be going all out.

"This multi-media exhibit—featuring wide samples of print advertising and marketing materials, billboard executions, premium design, on-air spots, Websites and online games, each designed to support the network’s original animated programming—will spotlight the local talents of Cartoon Network’s renown team of designers, writers, animators, producers and graphic artists."

"Spanning three full galleries at MODA, this first-time partnership also will explore the process of creating an animated television program from doodles and 3-D models to styleguides and storyboards. Futhermore, Design at Play will review the “holistic” approach to branding and promotion through multimedia platforms, explore product design and packaging for retail, and highlight creative examples of more traditional advertising."


Buddha Stencil

I found a Buddha stencil on a stop sign near MJQ.


Evereman from the eighties?

Anybody who pays attention to street art in Atlanta has probably noticed Evereman's tile pieces around town over the past year. Turns out, Evereman has been hitting the streets of Atlanta since the early eighties. While checking out Evereman's flickr page , I came across something amazing: a newspaper clipping from of a piece that Evereman claims to have done. "This photo was taken in the early 80's. I mounted a 10 foot long spear and dripping blood in a Nike billboard at Peachtree and Piedmont. The billboard was created from a photo of a runner crossing the finish line of the Peachtree Road Race."


Tindel at Beep Beep Gallery

Here is a little video of the upcoming show at Beep Beep Gallery. John Tindel (of TindelMichi) has put together a solo exhibit called "Happy Baby" filled with colorful and playful paintings inspired by his child. There will also be a series of Dunnys (vinyl toys) hand painted by TindelMichi. Show opens Saturday, Jan. 20th 8-12 and runs through Feb. 18th.

All art by John Tindel.
Video by Mike Germon.
Music from Subatomic.


Atlanta's "The Signal" premieres at Sundance

"The Signal is a low budget-punk rock-scifi-horror-suspense-thriller-love story about the evil monster inside us all that is brought out when the media around us is exaggerated to the point of critical mass." explains Jacob Gentry (one of three Atlanta directors that shot the film last winter) in an interview for bloody-disgusting.com. The film premieres next Monday at Sundance. If you can't make it out to Utah, do yourself a favor by going up to Videodrome and renting Last Goodbye. That was the first feature from Pop Films and it blew me away.

The Signal

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Banksy has opened an online store. In true Banksy fashion, everything is free. Go here to download small, medium, or large versions of select Banksy works.


Charlton Heston?

Mike and I went to Decatur Social Club last night and parked behind a bright green Honda del sol. It made us smile.
Interestingly enough, Edward G. Robinson played a character named "Sol" in that 1973 film.



Several weeks ago I was invited to a cast/crew/friends screening of Blood Car, the movie baby of Alex Orr and Adam Pinney. Anticipation was in the air as the lights went dim and the screen began to flicker in the crowded screening room at the Plaza theatre. Director Alex Orr began the screening with a disclaimer "this is an R movie, probably NC-17, but here it is..." For the next 80 minutes the audience experienced a deluge of blood, sex, and absolute hilarity. Simply the amount of blood dumped on Archie (played by Mike Brune) makes this film worth seeing. The film isn't overwrought with gore, but the disturbing ideas of a car that runs on human blood (courtesy of dumping a body in the meat grinder in the trunk) makes one cringe in horror. However, the twinkle-in-the-eye style can't help but make one smile.

Because of friendship, favors, and finagling, this $14,000 film has the production value of at least $100,000. The humor is dead-on (pun intended), it's well written, directed, and executed (ok so the death puns continue). Over all, the experience was delightful (and I don't usually say that about horror movies). There are a few parts that need polishing, and a few songs that will be replaced because the rights are too expensive, but overall the film which was shot in Atlanta in December 2005 is ready to be seen in all its bloody glory. For those of you now drooling in anticipation, you will have to wait a while
before you can see Blood Car. It is currently doing the festival circuit. Congratulations to Blood Car for being accepted to its first festival, Cinequest, where it will screen in late February. Check out the official website here and watch the trailer.

Blood Car
Directed by Alex Orr
Starring, Mike Brune, Anna Chlumsky, and Katie Rowlett


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