Thieves play Beep Beep Closing

This Saturday, Beep Beep Gallery will close its current exhibit "New Faces" featuring some great portraits from locals that hadn't yet shown at the space. Performing will be a blues/country/creepy violin music outfit by the name of Thieves. I caught a couple of songs by Thieves the other night at Kirkwood Ballers Club and while still a little rough around the edges, they have a great mood and sound that will play well in the tight space of Beep Beep. Check out some of their music on Thieves' myspace page.

1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series

1800 Tequila has selected only a handful of artists to start their "Essential" campaign off with limited edition, custom designed bottles. Locals Dosa Kim and Urban Medium are among these hand picked artists who's work you can also find on billboards around Atlanta. Find out more about 1800 Tequila's search for 1800 "Essential" artworks at 1800tequila.com


Election: Cring of the South

The real election to pay attention to this year isn't for President, it's for Cring of the South. A new spot on Edgewood called Art Department Gallery is hosting the head to head battle between Tindel and Michi this Saturday.

Check out what the pundits at Burnaway.org have to say.


Weekly Street Art: Evereman Public Service

Local street artist Evereman recently posted pictures from a public bench repair project that he took on here in Atlanta. Check out his site to see how he took this neglected bench and replaced it with a fully functional Evereman bench.



Le Flash

Le Flash is some sort of event that has been cooked up in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography and The Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. There is a huge mess of information to wade through about this event. I know this much: it's at Castleberry Hill and it's next to Castleberry Hill in Cleopas Park, there will supposedly be a marching band and fireworks at some point, it goes from 7 to midnight this Friday, October 24th. For any other details, test your luck at leflashoct24.blogspot.com, leflash-atl.com, or acpinfo.org.

Here is where I tell you murky detials about the things I actually know about:

Bean Summer has a show featuring a slew of videos that I guess he is doing for every day of the month. You can check them out at his youtube page here. This has something to do with a show at Get This! Gallery that is part of Le Flash.

Epidemik Coalition is moving its interactive studio project "The Wall" out of their space and into Art House Gallery for the evening. Click here to learn more about how "The Wall" combines "multiple existing technologies to put the power of large-scale public imagery into the hands of the local community."

Political Mass

411 Harold Street in Chandler Park is the home of quarterly, themed art show/house parties with kegs of beer and really good food including amazing grilled chicken wings. This Friday, The Harold Group presents "Political Mass" as well as DJ sets by Zano and DJ Dookie Platters. If that isn't enough to get you out of your house, here is the flyer and accompanying video.

The Harold Group Presents 2008 Presidential Debate

Art and Music Curated by ThoughtMarker

I've got some great art lined up, stay tuned for more info.

Weekly Street Art: Stop Sign Edition

Usually, the things that people write on stop signs are either obvious or just stupid. Local photographer Bobb Lovett just sent me the this exception.


WonderRoot Update

WonderRoot community art center is one of my favorite new places of the year. I'm there right now updating my blog in their computer lab. There is a lot of cool stuff going on here that I'm going to let you in on.

WonderRoot is the proud possessor of what I believe is the only one in Georgia. What is an art-o-mat? Its a refurbished cigarette machine, filled with art work for you to purchase. Find out more at ArtOMat.org or in the comprehensive post by Ben Grad on Burnaway.

They helped organize a mural painting that spans a huge wall from Cabbagetown through Reynoldstown. Here is a video:

Their walls are covered in "The Art of Democracy" until November 1st. Great political prints for $10 each.


PROCESS X ThoughtMarker More Pics

The only way to get your hands on one of these is showing up at the El Bar on Thursday night after 11. First come first served, password "Dirty Bird".

Bobby Ubangi Benefit Art Auction

A bunch of art and music for a good cause at the Doo Gallery this Saturday, October 18th from 9 till whenevs. If you would like to donate art for the auction contact Stephanie Howard at [678-755-2324] or just drop it off at the gallery the day of the event.

Munnybrella Photos

The custom vinyl Munny's from MINT's recent exhibit "Munnybrella" are online and for sale. Check out FantasyBurrito.com to browse through the images. Here are a few of my favorites from the likes of Steven Dixey, Lean One, and Misha Tomczak.


PROCESS X ThoughtMarker at El Bar

Epidemik Coalition asked me to collaborate on a graphic to release through their PROCESS clothing line at El Bar this Thursday, October 16th. El Bar is a late night kind of spot so it won't get going until 11, but I recommend getting their as early as possible to get your hands on one of these limited edition tee's featuring logo's from our local creative community.


Some stuff to check out

There is a new FALSE Magazine that you can pick up around town. The Age issue. A little skinnier than usual, but still some good stuff. FalseMagazine.org

There is a great interview with local street artist Evereman on Epidemik Coalition's blog. Click here to learn about E's favorite music, food, and sneakers.

Speaking of Epidemik Coalition, next Thursday ThoughtMarker is collaborating with EC's PROCESS Clothing on a graphic and corresponding release party at El Bar. More info soon!


"New Faces" at Beep Beep Gallery

This Saturday, October 11th, Beep Beep Gallery opens "New Faces", a portrait show from local artists all new to the gallery.

Burn Away

Local art blogs Proclaim it Lost, Ghostmap Microwave, and Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin have essentially combined their efforts in an attempt to make the Frankenstein's Monster of Atlanta art blogs. Expect the new blog, Burn Away, to feature more reviews, art theory, studio visits, and more.


The Grind 2.0

Last year Foundation One hosted a skatedeck auction that brought some big names in contemporary, low-brow art to to show along side the best Atlanta had to offer. This year The Grind 2.0 is being held at The Rabbit Hole Gallery, and the big names are back. They aren't as recognizable as some of the monsters from last year (Fairey, McFarlene, Faile) but anybody that follows the scene will recognize names like Dave Kinsey, Nate Van Dyke, and Paper Monster.

Bidding has already begun online, and you can check out the work in person at Rabbit Hole this Friday, October 10th from 7-11.


Steal This Art Show! opens at MINT

Curated by local photography collective Click Clique, "Steal This Art Show" is MINT Gallery's contribution to this year's Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

In February 2008 four famous paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Degas were stolen from a Zurich Museum. This huge theft, worth about $163 million, started a dialog that was the inspiration for STEAL THIS ART SHOW.
You are actually invited to attempt to steal the art in this show. Each work is a photographic interpretation of an art piece that has been stolen in the past. In addition, the artists have built anti-theft concepts into the work. So good luck to all you budding art thieves.

Artists include Stephanie Dowda, John Paul Floyd, Justin Weaver, Emilee Heath, Aaron Adams, Erin Bassett, Lee Blalock, and Meghan McNeer.

Final "Handjob Atlanta" live art event

This Friday, October 3rd marks the final live art event at the Five Spot under the umbrella of "Handjob Atlanta". The guys have become busy with other projects but promise to regroup at some point to have more live art events under some other name in the future. FREE. Starts at 9pm.


"Tights Are Best" opens at Aurora L5P

Super hero art by local artists, including some of my favorites: Candi​ce Ciesl​a, Sat Kirpa​l Khals​a, Sam Ellis​, Dosa Kim, Neal Holman, Chad Hurd, Sam Parker, Tim Boyd, Ben Goldm​an, Joe Tsambiras, Craig​ Brasc​o, Shaun​ Thurston, Zarla​cc, Mack Willi​ams, Mike Germon

Opens this Friday, October 3rd from 7-9 at Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points.