Found Art at MINT Gallery

Here is some stuff about a strange show that MINT Gallery has put together featuring two collections of found art work. It opens this Saturday, October 3rd from 8-11.

Weekend Flyers


ACP/Le Flash

Atlanta Celebrates Photography kicks of this Friday, October 2nd with Le Flash, an outdoor, light driven, collection of projects sprinkled throughout Castleberry Hill's art district. Head over to the Le Flash website for more info about specific artists, pieces, and performances. Despite poor weather, last years event was a hit.


Stuff from other blogs

Found this video promoting local artist Greg Mike's upcoming show in San Francisco on Epidemik Coalition's blog:

Here as interview with local photographer Zach Wolfe who shot the PILL video I posted last week via FreshIAm.net.


Best of Atlanta 2009

Congratulations to everyone to get voted "Best of Atlanta" in Creative Loafing this year. Some particular favorites to get the nod were BurnAway, OhmPark, Beep Beep Gallery, Youngblood Gallery, Eyedrum, The EARL, Drive a Faster Car, WonderRoot, and R. Land. ThoughtMarker and MINT Gallery were lucky enough to be mentioned in the "best trend in the arts" write up. Also, thanks to everyone who voted Gather Atlanta "best art event." GATL was something that I am very proud to be a part of and we have some other stuff coming up in the future so look out. Oh, and ThoughtMarker was the runner up for "best art blog" behind the ever deserving BurnAway.org, so thanks.



What is art?

Is this art? Who will be the judge of our Photoshop Neodadaist work? Will it ever be held up and judged, or does the impermanence of the digital world stand to separate? Did not the first man or woman to scratch a man with a spear and a penis into a cave wall do this in an attempt to leave their mark, to leave something of themselves in this physical world? If leaving your mark is the essence of art, where does that leave digital art? Is it art?

Weekly Street Art: Evereman

An Evereman tile stands the test of time. More Evereman here.


Octopus Tempura

Brandon Sadler, artist of the recently completed mural next to Studioplex, has an opening reception for his solo show and mural this Friday, September 25th titled "Octopus Tempura." Check out more of Sadler's work at risingredlotus.com and info about studioplex here.


Local music videos

Here are three four videos by local acts to have hit the internet in the last week:


Bill Daniel's "Ground Score"

This weekend, Get This! Gallery host several events surrounding Ground Score, Bill Daniel's second solo exhibit at the space. An opening reception this Friday, September 17th from 7-11, an artist talk on Saturday the 19th at 2pm, and a film screening that night at 8 of Daniel's "Who is Bozo Texino?." More about Bill Daniel here.

"Inside" by John Morse

"Inside suspends archetypal incidences of two-dimensionality in a three-dimensional context. Mobiles of silvery human figures only 5,000ths of an inch thick, their feet skimming the floor, drift gently through the gallery, moving shadows cast in mid-air, pliable reflections occupying space far beyond the space they occupy."
Show opens Thursday, September 17th from 6-9 at Wm Turner Gallery.

FORM Submission Deadline Extended


Road to Damascus

This show will be awesome. Opens this Saturdy, September 12th at Beep Beep Gallery.

Blizzard Sleeves

Golden Blizzard, a local collective consisting of some notable artists including Alex Kvares and Ann-Marie Manker, open its newest exhibit "Blizzard Sleeves" at Kibbee Gallery this Saturday, September 12th.

Superheroes vs Villains

Opens this Friday, September 11th at Kavarna in Oakhurst. More info at ManoAManoArtShow.com.


Weekly Updates

There are some great shows opening up this week at Kibbee, Beep Beep, and more. I'll get to those later in the week with flyers and info.
Idea Capital has announced its third round of funding. To find out about IC's unrestricted grants, check out ideacapitalatlanta.org

Youngblood Gallery is currently having an end of summer clearance sale. Everything in the boutique is 25% off for the rest of the month. Stop in a check out their current exhibit, The Screening Room.

Image from The Screening Room

Cinque Hicks, arts writer for Creative Loafing has started a blog to document his current thesis research concerning "Creative Ecologies". Check it out here.
You may have notice the twitter thing over on the side there. I will try to start updating it with events that I'm checking out and whatever, the main thing was to not let the ThoughtMarker twitter page get scooped up by someone else.



What happens when the master of light, Thomas Kincade teams up with the master of Judith, Chuck? 

Something magical? 

Something new?

Something new and magical? 

No. This happens. The picture you are looking at. 

Art Show Me Your Art That I am Showing In A Show That Is Showing At Aurora

That made no sense at all!

But, maybe it got your attention.

Mike Germon, famous German artist will be showing his work as well as presenting the work of Truett Dietz, Sunni Johnson, Emily Maxwell, Andrea Sanders, and Hilary Staff. There were going to be more girls showing their art, they couldn't get the self portraits of their breasts done in time... most of them had a lot of ground to cover.

If you want to go to the show opening, you probably like art more than me, or you like free wine and cheese... which I can't promise to be at this opening.

September, 4

Aurora Coffee
Little Five Points

Be there or you don't like art, women, men, and babies.

For more information:


Weekly Street Art: JUSE + Paper Twins

A collaborative piece in East Atlanta by two of our most prolific street artists, JUSE and Paper Twins. Photos stolen from Paper Twins Flickr.