Tweet Design Day of the Dead Show

If you didn't catch this fiasco at Youngblood last year, be sure to stop bye Eyedrum for this huge Day of the Dead themed group show presented by Tweet Design.


Pink Seductions

Printmaking Thesis Exhibition from SCAD student Lucha at Gallery Stokes this Friday, October 22nd from 7-9.


∞ Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of "∞ ", a group photography show featuring 15 artists and hundreds of photographs. The show was put together by Jason Travis and opens at MINT Gallery this Saturday, October 17th from 8-11.


Esperanza Versus The Process

Two local design teams, Experanza and The Process Clothing, go head to head in various competitions and throwdown on a mashup tee together. This Thursday, October 15th at The Graveyard.


More weekend shows.

A couple more shows to add to a crowded weekend, plus I just discovered that Kibbee Gallery has a website.


Nathan Phaneuf in "Friends with Knives"

Local stencil artist Nathan Phaneuf has been included in online stencil gallery curated by big time stencil artist Paper Monster called "Friends with Knives". Check out the gallery here and Nathan's new site here.

Cooper Sanchez in the Greenhouse Ruins

Check out BurnAway for a little bit more about this project and Cooper Sanchez' site for more about his work.


Chris Carder's "Last Days of Summer"

"The Last Days of Summer" opens at Beep Beep Gallery this Saturday, October 10th from 8pm-11pm. Check out more work from Chris Carder at his website.


Saturday at Youngblood Gallery

Youngblood's new exhibit, "Scott Lowden & Friends" features photography from the neighboring studio and opens this Saturday October 3rd. Don't forget about receptions at Kibbee Gallery and Selah Center (both within walking distance), as well as MINT Gallery (also near by).

Last Chances

There are a couple of worthy shows that will coming down after this weekend. If you haven't made it over to Beep Beep Gallery to check out Steven Dixey's "The Road to Damascus", this weekend is your last opportunity. Beep Beep's gallery hours are 12-6 Friday through Sunday. Also, Kibbee Gallery is having a closing for their current exhibition by Golden Blizzard on Saturday, October 3rd from 6-9.
Uriel (The Light of God) by Steven Dixey at Beep Beep Gallery

Installation by Ann-Marie Manker at Kibbee Gallery