Saturday Closings

There are two closings going on this Saturday August 2nd, both in Little Five Points. First stop by The Opal Gallery for a closing reception and talk from 6:30-7:30. This is for their current exhibition, CARL MARTIN: Photographs 1986-2007.

Down the street, a half hour later, stop by R. Land's solo show, Summerland, that took over 1154 Euclid Ave for the past month. The closing reception will be from 8-midnight, and from what I heard the opening was a real throwdown.

There are also several openings this Saturday that I'll cover in my next post entitled: Saturday Openings.


Stuff you should look at.

If you are addicted to the internet like me, you are probably eager for some links to new and wonderful things. Here is some new stuff to check out, all straight from Atlanta's creative underbelly.

Chuck McCarthy's new blog, Ideasbychuck.com is making waves. He is giving away all of his best ideas that he is too lazy to carry out, swoop in before someone else does.

DJ Dookie Platters has been temporarily relocated to south Florida. Take a look at his blog to join him in his adventures through untapped thrift stores in suburbia. sixweeksinportsaintlucie.blogspot.com

Chris Hamer (Urbn Pop) has cooked up a zine that will focus exclusively on Atlanta artists. Visit Southern Drawl on myspace. Rumor is they might score a gallery space behind the stage at the Five Spot in L5P.

Epidemik Coalition has flooded their blog lately with all kinds of content including interviews, collaborations, and info on their new studio space.


This Friday 8/1/08

Stop by MINT Gallery for the release of "My Mom's Basement's" newest zine, The Naked Zine, with music from the Mammals. Or check out the closing reception for Beep Beep Gallery's current show, "Paradise for Couples Only" with music from Club Awesome. Handjob Atlanta is also having its live art show at the Five Spot.


So Many Shows + Weekly Street Art

Check back this week for info on two closing receptions and live art in L5P, the naked zine release, bands, openings, and new work from HENSE, all coming up this weekend! In the meantime, here is a stencil of a guy with a mustache:


Goofer Dust

Check out the awesome cover art on Noot d' Noot's new album, Goofer Dust. Apparently it is based on a piece by local graffiti artist/geometrist BORN. Noot d' Noot will continue to play most Saturday nights this summer at Lenny's Bar for their ongoing "Worming the Starhole" shows with Judi Chicago.


Squanto Blog

Local psychedelic kitsch collage ironist Squanto has, despite not owning a computer, starting blogging. Check out Squantosquanto.blogspot.com and enjoy an avalanche of thoughts that mirror her "barrage of imagery" style of visual aesthetics.

"The great ironists do not merely use irony, they live ironically."


This weekend

Go see some art why don't ya.


Weekly Street Art: Ice Cream Truck

It seems that Dosa Kim is getting his hands into everything these days. He has even designed the skin for this ridiculous ice cream truck for Kiss Atlanta events. I finally got the chance to see it in person over in East Atlanta last weekend.


Youngblood Show on Juxtapoz.com

Its rare that Juxtapoz shows much love for Atlanta, but every so often they find something they like. Youngblood Gallery's current show of figurative sculpture by Derek Weisberg and Crystal Morey made the cut and is well deserving. Check out what Juxtapoz had too say here, and try to make it by the gallery to see it in person. It should be up for a few more weeks.


July 12th [Art Events Galore]

I originally titled this post "August 12th" but it turns out I was getting a little ahead of myself.
You should not miss any of these. Too bad they are all on the same evening.




I've seen some great photos and reviews from both recent music festivals. Check out Mike White's Deadly Designs for tons of photos from Athfest, and Have You Heard for some great/short reviews of a lot of the bands at Corndogorama. Some cool pictures there too.

The Buddy System, Snowden, Ninja Gaiden Band, Morning State, Attractive Eighties Women.


reMIXT call for artists

"reMIXT" at the MINT Gallery - mintgallery.org/mixt - August 23rd, 2008

This is a call for visual artists who are also involved in the Atlanta music scene. If you received this, than I suspect that you are somehow involved in music in Atlanta. If you are not than I apologize, please pass this along to someone more applicable.

Last August MINT Gallery opened it's space with MIXT, a show celebrating the relationship between music and visual art through the use of mixtapes. We're doing it again, but this year we want to gear the exhibit toward showcasing the thriving local music scene in Atlanta. I'm sending this call out to local bands, performers, DJs, record stores, labels, venues, etc. to find artists interested in participating in this years mixtape show: ReMIXT. If you (or someone in your band, label, whatever) is a visual artist and want to participate in this show, send me a link or some examples of recent work and an indication of your place in Atlanta's music scene (what band you're in, where you DJ, etc.) We are asking that selected artists will create a mix tape (you remember cassette tapes don't you?) and accompanying art work for the exhibit. Art will show along side cassette tapes in provided walkmen for viewers to listen to. Through this exhibition we are hoping to get a glimpse of the creativity and influences of Atlanta's music community as well as help to bridge the gap between the underground arts and music scenes.

We are also asking for local bands to donate items for us to give away in a local music raffle. Tickets will be sold at the event and winners will choose from CDs, merchandise, or whatever as a way to promote local music and hopefully raise a little money for the gallery. Donors will be recognized at the exhibition and are greatly appreciated.

If interested in participating in any way, please contact me at you earliest convenience at mike@mintgallery.org
Thank you. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else who might be interested.