This blog is on hiatus until next year. Go to art shows and buy local. Email me if you want ThoughtMarker shirts to give as Christmas gifts.


Chromatic: Closing Reception

If you missed this past weekend graphic design showcase Chromatic then you're in luck. Come check out the work at the closing reception, this Thursday, October 7th at The Goat Farm. Some photos from the event below.


Jeff Koons

Dang, people are excited about this.


It Came From...

Flux 2010

Paint Shed is one of many projects that are part of Flux 2010, this Friday October 1st in Castleberry Hills. Proper Medium has been doing a great job with these videos.



BOOLESH1T is ultimately a visual investigation that seeks to answer questions such as "How can we as human beings continue to lead meaningful, fulfilling existences in a world that is inevitably hurtling toward complete digital automation?"
"How has this overflow of information provided by the Internet affected the ways that we think and interact with others?"
"Are we becoming less compassionate?"
"Are we growing less aware of our physical selves and our surroundings?"


Source at Beep Beep Gallery

Opens this Saturday, September 11th from 8-11 at Beep Beep Gallery.


Knock on Wood at Youngblood Gallery

Info about the free-art scavenger hunt leading up to the opening:

"On September 11th, before the show, to help get into the spirit of things, I plan on giving away seven pieces of art. I’ll put them around town and then send hints through my Twitter account. I’ll start tweeting at 11am with hints about the first piece. Then, at the top of every subsequent hour, I’ll tweet hints for another piece.
So, at 11am, I’ll give hints for the first piece. 12pm, there will be a new set of hints for the next piece. 1pm, hints for the third piece, and so on until 5pm. At 5pm, I’ll post a map of where all of the pieces are."

Softcore War at Whitespace


Dreamer Boy Dan at MINT Gallery

Dreamer Boy Dan is a project comprised of paintings and poems by Nic Rad and music composed by Brock Scott of Little Tybee. Check out the art and music online at dreamerboydan.muxtape.com or live at MINT Gallery this Friday, August 27th.


Photography: Living Walls

Here are some of my favorite shots from the whole Living Walls week. More photos on flickr and tons more on my camera that should make their way to the internet over the next week or so.


Shaun Thurston


Feral Child


Living Walls: The City Speaks

With Living Walls quickly approaching, artists have descended on Atlanta and begun putting up murals all around the city. The results of will be on display this Saturday, August 14th at Eyedrum. Some evidence of work in progress below.
Guest House opens this Saturday, August 14th at Beep Beep Gallery.



Nevermind The Lines... a coloring book project

Nevermind The Lines opens this Saturday, August 7th from 8-11 at MINT Gallery.

Super Pop at WM Turner Gallery

The Other Bronte Sister

One of the highlights of last weeks' WonderRoot Filmmaker Night at The Plaza.

The Harlequin & The Hare

The visual pairing of a painter and a sculptor is a curatorial tactic that Youngblood Gallery has employed with success in the past (namely last year's "Birds of a Feather"). The Harlequin & The Hare opens this Saturday, August 7th from 6-10.


Shady Characters at Alcove Gallery

Shady Characters opens Friday, August 6th at Alcove Gallery. More info at www.shadycharactersart.com


Summer ThoughtMarker Tee by Baxter Crane

The lovely Baxter Crane has provided ThoughtMarker with this awesome dinosaur drawing for the summer tee shirt. As usual, they are printed by Fallen Arrows and limited to 20 shirts so if you want one (only $20 + shipping if necessary), email me at thoughtmarker@gmail.com


Oliver Black at ABV Gallery

Gather Atlanta

"What is Gather Atlanta?" is a question I get a lot. The long version is at Gather Atlanta's website, and the short version follows. It's the only place that you can come to see the panel discussion "Art and the Public Sphere" featuring local artist Fahamu Peacou, graffiti mainstay HENSE, Laurie Stallings of GloAtl (the only thing to ever make me care about dance at all), and public arts supervisor Dorian McDuffie. It's also the event to attend to meet the people involved with local galleries like Beep Beep, Youngblood, and Eyedrum, other creative spaces like Plaza Theater, Relapse Theater and B- Complex, and other arts initiatives like Living Walls, Dashboard Co-op, and Dance Truck.

Gather Atlanta is this Saturday, July 31st from 6pm-10pm at Trees Atlanta in Reynoldstown. The panel discussion will begin at 6:30 and general networking will continue from 8-10.


WonderRoot's Generally Local, Mostly Independent Filmmakers' Night at The Plaza

I'm excited about several things screening at the Plaza this Thursday July 29th at 9:30. Some live video from Bean, new episode of Godamsterdam, and most importantly the final version of this insane animation by Ashley Anderson and Aaron Keuter (early teaser shown below).


Harrison Keys' "Pressure Luck"

Opens this Saturday, July 24th from 6-10 at Get This! Gallery. You might recognize his work from Beep Beep Gallery's new logos and tee shirt.

Dashboard Co-op: Fresh Meat

This Saturday, July 24th at The Goat Farm. More info at DashboardCoop.org


May The Light Affect

Screens for free at The Plaza on Wednesday, July 14th at 7:30. Reviewed by Wyatt Williams over at Creative Loafing here.


White Light Forest Choir

Here are some photos, thanks to photographer Matt Jones, of one of my favorite new bands White Light Forest Choir playing a show at MINT Gallery.


Ashley Anderson at Artlantis

Some photos of Ashley Anderson and his booth at the Artlantis Festival last month.

Pure/Surrender at Beep Beep

Extra pumped about this show. Most anticipated of the year for me. Michi and BORN's Pure/Surrender opens this Saturday, July 10th at Beep Beep Gallery.

Winsome Want at Kibbee Gallery


New Tees For Youngblood and MINT

Two local galleries have recently released new tee shirts. Emily Maxwell and Stenvik Mostrom, two of my favorite Atlanta artists, have created images for MINT Gallery and Youngblood Gallery respectively.

above: MINT shirt by Emily Maxwell

above: Young Blood by Stenvik Mostrom