Last Chance

I believe that tomorrow is the last chance to catch "Sunday Southern Art Revival" at White Space Gallery in Inman Park. Its really a great collaborative show. If you've ever seen work by the prolific collaborators TindleMichi, then just imagine four more artists jumping in and helping out.

There are also some other cool shows that won't be up for too much longer. The scattered but interesting show at Youngblood Gallery will be coming down soon. A great show by Derek Hess and Bask over at Foundation One can't be up for much longer. And don't forget MINT Gallery and Beep Beep Gallery both had openings last week, so if you missed those you'll still have a chance to see them over the next few weeks. Go see art.


Dear vandals in my neighborhood,

Please stop learning the basics of spray-painting and graffiti in the form of illegible black scribbles near my apartment. Youngblood Gallery just got in 25 new colors of Montana spray-paint. I suggest you go by and pick something up other than flat black and get practicing. Maybe mess around with some imagery other than a giant penis and sharpen up those tagging skills so I can actually read your shit, and tell all the spots that you trashed with your non-sense. Until you develop some technique, your pieces are no more artistic than the guy that that broke my car window to steal three dollars in change. At least my insurance paid to fix that mess.

Banksy always gets me riled up.


Sharing the Love

Here are a few sites that I've come across that link to Thoughtmarker. Thanks sites. If you know of more let me know.

Local Ephemera
Asian Cajuns
Glorious Birds
Steven Dixey's Site (check out the press page)
Yancy Wilkinson
Tracey Dumont
Drive a Faster Car
Epidemik Coalition
Confessions of a Music Addict


MINT as in fresh, MIXT as in mixtape

"The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don't wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules." -Rob, High Fidelity

MINT is a non-profit that I've been working with and this is the grand opening of thier new gallery space. MIXT, an art show revolving around the mixtape, features over 25 artists and opens this Saturday from 7 to 11. Google Maps is the best.

Other stuff coming up from MINT:

Fundraiser show at Lenny's featuring The Sea Lions, Auditioning Alice, The Pendletons, and Sonen. September 7th 9-12

"What's Your Twenty" -$20 art show. September 29th.

Ninja Puppet productions and MINT bring you two nights of puppets and art. October 5th and 6th.

Concert Photography show - October 13th.


Animation attack!

Something else this week?!?!

Animation Attack! will be held two nights during the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

Join us at the Eastside Lounge, Wednesday, August 22, 2007, as we kick off opening night with a full hour of our more experimental animation.

On Saturday, August 25, 2007, Animation Attack takes over the Plaza Theatre in a celebration of our favorite animation!


3 Gens

This is the first time I've shown more than one piece in a show and I'm nervous as hell. So don't come out!


This Week in Art

So much stuff this week, and too much of it is on Saturday! Flyers to come for most of these events.

Thursday August 23rd at the StarBar: four local bands that should all be headlining. Noot d'Noot would be enough for me, but they are just opening. Then Ocha La Rocha. Then Gringo Star. Then The Selmanaires. Are you fucking kidding me?

Friday August 24th at Decatur Social Club: Riot in Belgium. If you are into the new rave indie dance scene this is huge. Otherwise save up your energy for Saturday.

Saturday August 25th at Beep Beep Gallery: Three Generations Show. Art from the guys that run the space now, plus art from Joy who ran the space before them as L'Avanue, plus art from Sister Louisa who ran the space before him.

Saturday at: MINT Gallery: MIXT, a group art show revolving around the concept and legend of the mixtape. This is the second show that I've curated in as many months. Over 25 artists are involved, most of whom have created mixed cassettes to accompany their visual work.

Saturday at: Arthouse Co-op: "A Million Little Pictures 2". Its the second installment of their popular mass group photography show with disposable cameras.



I don't know of anything going down this weekend, so I'm going to start some rumors.

Deconform Magazine may be coming back from the dead. Expect the new issue, "Spectacle" sometime in September.

There may be an organized and authorized painting of the Wylie Street wall that stretches from Reynoldstown to Cabbagetown in the works.

Fake Wood Wallpaper's first feature film Bloodcar could be coming out on DVD as soon as this November. Check out the new/amazing trailer, which is both the best and most FakeWoodWallpapery trailer yet.


Mug shots

Check out the other mug shots from the Lazlo Hollyfeld zine release party at Beep Beep Gallery last saturday thanks to Click Clique.


Classic Film + Artshow #2

A while back, The Plaza Theatre teamed up with Youngblood Gallery to host an art show at the theatre and pair it with an appropriate film screening. The first was a Polaroid photography show with a screening of Antonio's "Blowup." I hoped that this wasn't the end, and it wasn't. The second installment, going down this Tuesday, combines "Sunset Boulevard" with starlet portraits by Kenny Holland and Jessica Elaine Blink-horn. Go support local art, independent theaters, and their creative intermingling.



This sign used to reside in front of Youngblood gallery. It had all kinds of stickers on it. It will be missed.


Why would I pay $8.95 for a magazine?

Because it seduced me with my favorite artist(s) on the cover. Check out Swindle Magazine to see how ridiculous Faile is.


Catching Up

Here is a brand new reason why Foundation One is my favorite gallery in Atlanta. Ivan Annikov, the man behind the gallery, is featured in this week's creative loafing and mentions ThoughtMarker.

I've missed a couple of weeks of my weekly street art ritual, so here are a couple of pictures from Athens and then a flyer for the event at Beep Beep this weekend.


Beep Beep Gallery Packs in the Freshness

Sorry about the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I've been up in Athens working on a film. I do have a nice picture from the street (think A town regular but from Athens) that I will post as soon as I gather enough energy to plug my camera to my Macbook TM. Now I'll get to it.

Beep Beep Gallery is hosting its 3rd event in 4 weeks. This will also be the last chance to see "Concrete Jungle", my curatorial debut at the gallery. Check out some pics here. Ans here's the scoop on this Saturdays festivities:

Zine launch party at Beep Beep Gallery,

introducing LAZLO HOLLYFELD!
volume one, issue one:
(a collection of drawings by Erin Bassett)

-Donuts, Hoagies, and Beer
-Live Performance by Sassparilla the singing gorilla
(everyone's favorite boy in blue!)
- Polaroid mugshots by Click Clique ($4)
-Limited edition handpainted copies of LAZLO HOLLYFELD

Everyone who comes dressed as a cop gets a prize!!

AUGUST 11 9-12pm