In December of 2006, I decided to start blogging about the house shows and alternative spaces that had just recently given me a new perspective on art in Atlanta. I quickly became addicted to exploring underground art and trying to help get it the attention that I felt it deserved. What began as rambling narratives of gallery hopping adventures became more and more focused. Today my goal for ThoughtMarker is to promote and explore Atlanta's creative culture in a way that puts imagery above description. I plan on continuing to find street art, illustrations, exhibits, concert posters, tee shirt designs, and other creative projects that I feel need to be presented to a wider audience.

Interview for Creative Loafing (2010)

Set It Off for Epidemik Coalition (2008)

Full disclosure: I am the gallery manager for MINT Gallery as well as a working artists and curator who has organized exhibits for MINT Gallery, Beep Beep Gallery, The Plaza Theater and WonderRoot, and have also shown work at Youngblood Gallery, Eyedrum, and Picaflor. I try my best to present information about my personal projects with an unbiased perspective and by no means intend for ThoughtMarker to be a promotional tool for my own projects more so than any other local creative endeavors.
For info about my personal work, please visit www.threeblindmikes.com