SEVER and HENSE in Juxtapoz

The newest issue of Juxtapoz Magazine focuses exclusively on The Seventh Letter graffiti collective and its artists. Not only does it feature Atlanta's SEVER, but it runs a profile page about HENSE as well.


Open call for photography

The Composition Gallery in Chandler Park is having what I believe is it's second anual Velcro Show:

The Velcro Show 2007
An open exhibition for professional and amateur photographers, and non-photographers as well.

Reception: Saturday July 7th 2007, 7-10pm
Show continues through Friday July 20th 2007

$5 entry fee per image. Deadline July 1st.

More info at compositiongallery.com

(same cool flyer as last year)


Best in Atlanta?

Vote for Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2007.

A couple of my choices:

Best Art Gallery: Foundation One Gallery

Best Underground Art Space: Youngblood Gallery

Best New Gallery: Beep Beep Gallery

Best Art Blog: ThoughtMarker.blogspot.com


Weekly Street Art (blah)

Maybe this will become a regular occurrence. Blah:



Welcome to the end of Youngblood's stranglehold over the month of June. The fifth and final show from the usually routine gallery is called Pink and is a Breast Cancer Benefit Auction curated by Travis Smith. Check check check it out!


Custom Tee's from EPCO

Epidemik Coalition is doing custom colorways of its "Angelica" tee. Go to thier online store to create your own for a limited time only. I think I might go with this combonation:

More Boardom Pics

Here are a couple of images from the current show at Beep Beep Gallery. Gallery hours are Friday through Sunday, 12-6. Click here for the whole gallery.


Flyers for this weekend

A few shows open this weekend. I won't be attending any due to my battle with the music beast known as Athfest. So let me know how they go.


Who is your favorite local artist(s)?

And one more of my favorites... Dosa Kim

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Who is your favorite local artist(s)?

One artist I like a lot is Alex Kvares (of Golden Blizzard). The only image I could steal was from an Access Atlanta review of his Romo show last year: http://www.accessatlanta.com/arts/content/arts/stories/2006/11/29/1203arromo.html

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

What if artists toured like rock bands?

These kids have come up with a very unique way to exhibit their art. By undermining the authority of the art space, they've managed to get one night gigs across the country. Self Made Artists are on tour this summer and Wednesday, June 20th, they stop in Atlanta. The show will be at Youngblood Gallery from 7-10. I think that everybody should come out and support this very cool strategy that brings widespread marketing back to the real world rather than over the web.

"Self Made is a small group of visual artists which have banded together to present art dislocated from location, time, and institutions. Artists have lost the power to create culture to a large bureaucratic system of galleries, museums, and biennials, and it is our intention to give the public an alternative to these institutions."


Who's your favorite local artist(s)?

Two of mine would have to be...

and Stenvik Mostrom:

Boardom Preview

Beep Beep Gallery has an amazing show opening on Saturday. "Boardom," exploring modern topics through objects of play - an exhibition of paintings done on game boards by Ben Goldman and Samuel Parker. Both artists are tremendously skillful and have collected quite an array of games as their canvases. The pieces are busy and playful, yet very conscious and intelligent. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the show being hung so here are a couple of pictures.



Sale at Ella Guru

My favorite Used CD store/DVD rental place is having a storewide sale until this Sunday. Ella Guru is located in Toco Hills shopping center in the corner near Publix. Apart from being a great place to grab cds, they also have the best selection of rare, foreign, independent, and genre films east of Video Drome. Stop by this week to get 10% off new CDs and 25% off of used CDs.


Four days straight

A quick summary of four straight days of art this past weekend in the A:

Thursday - ATL Kicks, the sneaker culture show put on by Epidemik Coalition over at Octane Coffee, opened up a weekend that yielded plenty of art events to satisfy any taste. There was a good showing, while the show featured a bunch of custom shoes and photography, with a couple of pieces standing out above most. You can see pics from the event here.

Friday - I decided to go for a stroll at Castleberry Hill. I was pleasantly surprised by the work at Nozoku Gallery, especially that of painter Jack O'Hearn. His found objects as art still life's were so engaging that I actually got into a fight with my girlfriend about one of them. Ty Stokes Gallery is open again under new ownership and showed the best work of the evening. Most of the other galleries bored me.

Saturday - MINT hosted a show about kites at Youngblood Gallery. As usual with MINT, they have artist of all styles and abilities showing along side each other. It was an interesting collection of work with nothing that really blew me away.

Sunday - Yo Yo Boutique held its last ever art opening before closing its doors. In my eyes, it was a miracle that they were able to exist as long as they did on that disaster known as Carol St. The TCB show featured a number of artists that work for at Adult Swim. The work was relatively diverse given the circumstances and all well done. The standouts for me were a couple of drawings by Not Not Retarded. Yo Yo will have a closing party on July 1st. So come out and say goodbye.


But wait there's more!

This is a busy weekened, and hopefully that'll open things up for next. Tommorow night there's an opening at Whitespace and the Contemporary, and then Saturday Jerry Cullum is curating a show at StudioSwan Gallery featuring some local badasses. I wish I had images for them, but unlike the more indie minded galleries in town, apparently those cats don't put their flyers on their websites. Oh well, check em' out. You may find me bartending at Whitespace...


Tons of Shows!

There are too many art shows to count coming up in Atlanta over the next few weeks. Tonight is the "ATL Kicks" event at Octane Coffee starting at 9pm. Friday is the Castleberry Hill art stroll that happens every so often, as well as openings in Kirkwood (Flexspace's "History of the Future" show) and Avondale (New Street Gallery - Albino Mattioli). Saturday marks the next opening for MINT, this time at Youngblood Gallery. And on Sunday there is some kind of opening at Yo Yo Boutique. Hit me up if you have info on that.[UPDATE: I found a flyer for the Yo Yo show thanks to Drive A Faster Car. Check it out below.] The following week, Saturday the 16th, at Beep Beep Gallery is "Boredom", works by Ben Goldman and Sam Parker on gameboards. Then for those of you with televisions, on June 19th on GPB is "C-47" a showcase of local short films hosted by one of my favorite bloggers and local actors Mike Brune. Here are some flyers:


Who the hell is this guy?

Epidemik Coalition

Epidemik Coalition is back at it with all kinds of new stuff. First of all, they are behind the "ATL Kicks" event taking place at Octane Coffee this Wednesday, June 6th starting at 9pm. They even designed a fresh new tee for the event.

Check out the EPCO blog for updates on all of their new gear including Nike Dunk prototypes, custom Atlanta caps, new 1 inch buttons, and a mixtape project.