Last chance for free EC shirt!

I'll give everybody until the end of the weekend to get qualified to win Epidemik Coalition's "Battle of Seattle" tee. All you have to do is check out EC's online store and tell me what your favorite shirt is. Email me at mike.germon@gmail.com


Evereman Table Show at Beep Beep

Last weekend Beep Beep Gallery put together one of their more interesting shows to date. With the help of street artist/furniture designer evereman, the gallery hosted an exhibition featuring over 25 local artists. Each artist was given a table designed by Evereman, essentially two square surafaces in which to make their mark. Some tables were displayed in their assembled form, while most were hung traditionally. Nearly every artist who contributed brought something unique to the show. There were a fair amount of collage driven pieces, including tables by Sam Parker, Mike Germon, and the Beep Beep Gallery staff. Sam Parker's table:

There were also plenty of illustrative, if not comic book inspired pieces by such artists as Bryan Westberry, Ben Goldman, and this table by Stenvik Mostrom.

There are scores of mentionable pieces, as you can see most of them in this gallery, but I'll leave you with one more of my favorites. This table by Dr. Blade:


Foundation One Goes West

If you've followed my blog at all, you know that I'm a huge fan of Foundation One Studios in Decatur. They are one of a handful of galleries in Atlanta that focus on the urban contemporary aesthetic. Their walls are regularly graced by the work of graffiti, street, and tattoo artists. Over the past year I've seen underlying clues that they are also interested in the pop surrealism movement, popular on the west coast and commodified by such magazines as Juxtapoz. This Saturday Foundation One comes out of the pop surrealist closet with the opening of their new group show "Groundwork."

Along with some of the usual suspects of local, increasingly less underground art ( John Tindel, Michi, Urban Medium, Sam Parker, Keet D’Arms, Jason Honig, Dosa, Blink, Hilary Gore, Bethany Marchman, Rene Arriagada, Born), Dosa Kim and Ivan Annikov, co-curators, bring in some other big names from around the country (Sam Flores, Kathie Olives, Damon Soule, caffeine, Brandt Peters, John Puglisi, Tragnark, George Thompson, Marion Bolognese, Jason Kochis, Matthew Kucynski, David Flores, Lola, BASK, Nathan Spoor, Jamie Zollars, Chris Yormick, Joe Shea, Tyson).

From the looks of Foundation One's newly renovated site, these west coast trends are indicative of the direction that they are trying to take the gallery. I'm curious to see if they begin to pursue big names in this movement from out west, or if they continue to feature local artists who are clearly influenced by, but not necessarily included with the pop surrealists. My hope is that they strive for some sort of balance between local and national artists.

Foundation One Studios
Juxtapoz Magazine


A few of my favorite things...

Face melting, rock action from Athens in the form of Cinemechanica playing Friday at the Drunken Unicorn. I don't understand why people don't come out to see them in Atlanta. I don't want to get started but if you see them live you will not be disappointed. Impossibly Impossible.

"Boobs and gore; two great tastes that taste great together." -Quinten Tarentino
He probably was not talking about Blood Car, but go see it anyways. Thursday, April 26th at 10pm or Friday, April 27th at 5:15pm at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema (678.495.1424)

Tickets are available online at www.atlantafilmfestival.com or at the Midtown Art Box Office.

Free Tee Shirt from Epidemik Coalition. See Previous Post.


Epidemik Coalition Tee Shirt Givaway

How would you like your very own "Battle of Seattle" tee in its new colorway from Epidemic Coalition? Larry over at EC was nice enough to put one up for grabs. All you have to do is go over to Epidemik Coalition's online store here, and then send me an email at mike.germon@gmail.com telling me what your favorite EC tee is. At the end of the week, I'll pick somebody at random to receive the free "Battle of Seattle" tee.

Epidemik Coalition is also involved in an upcoming sneaker culture event over at Octane Coffee. They are looking for artists to contribute photos and customized sneakers and whatever else to the show. For all the info, click the flyer so you can read the tiny words, or check out EpidemikCoalition.com


Rabbit Hole Gallery... Back from the dead?

I'll believe it when I see it, which might not be this Saturday due to all of the other cool shows around town. But I hope that Rabbit Hole Gallery is finally back in the game and will be putting on top notch shows like they were last year before they vanished for months.


Atlanta Film Festival is almost here!

And to find out what people in the local film industry are recomending and/or arguing about, you can visit one of my favorite forums, www.atlantafilms.com

Personally, I recomend BLOOCAR!


Evereman's Table Show!!!

Hah! Beat you to it Mike:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This saturday Beep Beep Gallery is proud to present a group show of over 20 artists, all of whose work will be scrawled across tables hand-crafted by local street legend Evereman!!! The tables we've recieved so far have really blown us away (including but not limited to Thought Marker's own Mike Germon. Kill em Germon; sorry about stealing your spray paint the other night) and we haven't seen some of our favorites yet. So tight!

Things get started around 8 so be there or be square. Like Evereman's head!

Angelica II from EC

Epidemik Coalition has a great post on thier blog about the making of thier newest tee, the Angelica II. EC does a great job of updating with new shirts and upcoming events that they are getting into, so keep up. I hear they are working on some new girly tee's, "Battle of Seattle" in a new colorway, and another event coming up at Octane Coffee.


Art House Co-op

Underneath and behind Foundation One Studios in East Decatur Station, there is a small, lesser known art space called Art House Co-op. Along with local artists selling crafts and such out of partitioned spaces along the walls, they also host rotating art shows and events. The non-profit MINT will be holding their next opening there on Saturday, April 21st. "April Showers" is a group show revolving around umbrellas. More on that show later this week. Now, while I've never been blown away by any of the shows I've seen at Art House, I am excited about some of their very creative events coming up.

The first is "Craft Wars: Book Arts", a book making battle that sounds strange and exciting to say the least. Twenty artists engage in an hour long struggle to create the best book, while the audience enjoys music, refreshments, and an old fashioned craft melee, just like the ancient romans used to do. The Craft War takes place on Saturday, May 5th. For more information or to enlist for battle, check out their website.

The next event is a mass disposable camera photography show called "A Million Little Pictures." 150 people will receive cameras. Then the rolls, in their unedited entirety, will be displayed in the month long show. I believe that the deadline to sign up for that show is today, but you can still check out more info about the show here. That reception will be on May 25th.


art + film + wine + Galega...

You do the math.

I went out to the Plaza Theater last night for the first of hopefully many art show/movie screening two for ones. The all polaroid exhibit was about what I expected, but in a good way because I love polaroid photography. The crew over at Youngblood Gallery arranged to have the art reception paired with a screening of Antonioni's 1966 cult classic "Blow Up." Like I said, hopefully we can expect to have more of these coming around in the future. Atlanta, please support these kinds of events!

By the way, I also unearthed a Galega machine back near the restrooms. The 4th highest score is mine. I'm coming for you first through third place.


Good Feelings and Zombies. And Pictures.

Here are a couple of things to check out.

Another non-profit for the good of the art community here in Atlanta has popped up. "The Good Feelings Coalition is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to fostering the exchange of information and ideas between artists and within the community as a whole. We hope to create a stronger, more unified Atlanta through art that actively engages the community." It will really get going later this summer when they release their first publication, a coloring book by 50 local artists, as well as dropping their official website. For more info visit them on myspace.

Pushin' Up Daisies is a feature film about to go into production up in Athens. The website is a brilliant example of creative marketing involving zombie encounters across the country. This is my favorite clip:

Don't forget to visit them at iamnotazombie.com, and feel free to contact them with your own zombie encounter videos.

Also check out Epidemik Coalition's blog for pics from the T-Shirt showcase over at Beep Beep Gallery. Let me know where to find pictures from any of the other shows this past weekend (youngblood and newstreet).


Lots oh shit this weekend

There are a ton of excellent art shows this weekend including one at Beep Beep, so here's the lineup:

Kerri Boles @ Aurora L5P Friday April 7th
Kerri's been bustin hump to finish her portraits of country music stars of the past, with each piece being a detailed portrait stiched onto canvas. Anna Fucking Kramer is playing so don't miss it.
(Hope you didn't miss it, because I forgot to send this out yesterday)

Joy Phrasavath @ New Street Gallery Saturday April 8th
Joy is an excellent painter who imploys mute pastels and surreal kitsch imagery in his work. Plus he's got more style than an ODB tribute album. Check it.

Steven Dixey and Jason Murphy @ Youngblood
Dixey may be one of the best artists in town so see his stuff now before he gets a big head, moves to prague, and starts calling himself Stefan. Jason Murphy is an excellent expressive style painter and I'm pretty excited to see how their stuff works together.

T-shirt Show @ Beep Beep
It's a one night show of one of a kind tshirts, limited silk screened prints, and other tight shit by local artists. These shirts are only available tonight so don't miss it yo!


Weekday Art?

There are at least three cool shows coming up this weekend and it looks like the art will continue into next week. On monday you can check out "art monday" at Apache Cafe. As usual, there will be nude figure drawing as well as the Hedonism show or something. Five Bucks. Then on Tuesday there will be a polaroid show, "Instant Gratification" opening at Plaza Theater (formally the LaFont) followed by a screening of Michelangelo Antonioni's "Blow Up" at 9:30. This one is six dollars.


T-Shirt Flyer Remix

Epidemik Coalition are among the designers featured in Beep Beep Galleries T-shirt show this Saturday (April 8th). Thier latest blog features a remixed version of the flyer I made for Beep Beep.


Art wanted at Nirvana Yoga and Sun Dial

Folks have asked me to recommend some artists for the Nirvana Yoga studio in Cabbagetown an the Sun Dial Restaraunt (the rotating one at the top of the Westin). I'm busy with Beep Beep and Aurora shows amongst other things, so I'm putting it out there. If you're interested send me photos at anarchistbookstore@yahoo.com.