This Week

I'm in Miami and don't have time for my normal rambling about every event going on this weekend. Here is the quick version of what usually takes me a week to accomplish.
The Last Seen improv festival at Push Push Theater Thurs-Sat.
Leap at the MINT Gallery on Friday
An Opening at Hushpuppy Gallery on Saturday


Pre-Oscar Art

MINT Gallery is having a closing reception for its current show, "Bathory/Pollinate/Lexicon", this Sunday 2/24 from 6-8. This is one of the more focused shows at MINT, a space usually more interested in inclusive community based exhibits, and one not to be missed. You can check out the work here, and feel free to bring your art supplies to work, collaborate, or have a drink before Daniel Day-Lewis cleans house that night at the Oscars.


Deconform is False

The lately resurrected Deconform Magazine has changed its title and relaunched as False Magazine to reflect its new staff and direction. The first issue under the new title has surfaced around town in galleries and what have you. I picked up one last week at a house art show in Candler Park and have read through almost all of it's disparate articles loosely themed around the concept of space and how it is utilized. The highlight so far has been "Rich in Space", a short piece about the creative class' need to take hold of unused space in a developing inner city by Karen Tauches. Karen happens to be the subject of the latest portrait and interview over at The Atlanta Creatives Project.
And don't miss the sick illustration by Steven Dixey found on the back cover's Sons of the South add.

UPDATE: Here is Dixey's S.O.S. illustration.

Benefit at Lenny's


The New Tomorrowland

Local photographer Stephanie Howard, the mind behind last years' carnival themed art show at MJQ is cooking up another show at the space. She explains the concept: "We no longer hold ideals that our Futures (according to popular Media) will be a Utopia filled with technology that will lend to a more efficient human existence. i.e. Flying cars, Jet packs, comfy outer-space utopias. (Jetsons and 1950/60's Disneyland)
Instead we have accepted the view of a more apocalyptic / survivalist Future.
My Goal is to Gather a group of Artist to assemble a show that reflects our concerns, fears, and stereotypes of our impending future rendered in our contemporary styles. (parallel of what now is known as Retro-futurist)"
Click Here for details on getting involved.

"Local photographer Stephanie Howard" you say? Where can I see some of her work? - Stop by The Righteous Room tonight for the reception of her current show.


Two Beep Beep Shows

In conjunction with the East Atlanta Art Stroll, Beep Beep Gallery will be staging a condo unit at 752 Moreland. This is a one night event in which several condos will be furnished with art and will be open to the public. Come by, sample some wine, tour modern live/work condos and see some great work on display by Tindel, Bean, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley, and A.B. Lovell.

At BEEP BEEP is the first collaborative show between Michi and Dosa. The work will cross a number of media, and focus on issues of race with particular reference to the Uncle Remus / Br'er Rabbit tales.

Do you have the crazy?

The Signal
If you enjoy survival thrillers like 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead, then you have no excuse not to see locally produced, critically acclaimed, triumphantly thrilling The Signal. It opens nation wide this weekend, but if you slept with the right people you'll be watching it with me at Thursday's premiere at The Plaza. Here is an internet short they made to coincide with the films plot, enjoy.


Some random stuff

Rabbit Hole Gallery has an opening this friday. I already posted the flyer a while back.

Shaun Thurston's work from San Francisco Coffee last month has moved over to Aurora Coffee L5P. There are also a few new, really big pieces that you definitely need to check out.

You can see the work from MINT's latest show, "Bathory Pollinate Lexicon", for sale at their flickr page.

Deconform Magazine should be showing up sometime this month under a new name, False Magazine. Word is the new issue was designed by Dosa Kim.


Call for Music Videos

In association with Athfest 2008, Sprockets Music Video Competition is calling for entries. The event doesn't go down till this summer but the deadline for submissions is April. Check out their site for details.

Here is a new video by The Selmanaires to excited your senses:


Dailies presents "Fairy Tales"

Dailies is a filmmaking group in Atlanta focused on providing a means for the film community to collaborate and experiment through quarterly projects. Over the next week or so, Push Push Theater will be screening films from a recent project "Fairy Tales". Check the flyer for info and watch the trailer for a glimpse of what you might be in store for.


A Painted Flower a Day

Last year Stewart Haddock gave away painted flowers every day for the entire year. He also documented the project with a wonderfully funny blog. He has now started a new blog, informing and inviting people to see the evidence at The Eyedrum this Saturday (2/9/08) from 6-8. There will be blog excerpts, people who were given flowers last year, and canvases of new flowers with scissors for guests to cut there own to keep. Did any of my readers receive a painted flower last year?



Stop by MINT Gallery this Saturday (2/9) for the opening reception of "Bathory Pollinate Lexicon" described by the gallery as "a trio exhibit by emerging artists Sunni Johnson, Jessica Gonacha and Emily Maxwell, dealing with a diverse collection of themes ranging from femme as fatal to the impact of our current lifestyle on the planet. Each theme is linked to the other by the various artistic sensibilities and by the treatment of the subject matter." The real link between the artists' work is collage driven approach to compositions. Otherwise their aesthetics couldn't be more diverse. The opening will also feature a performance by Vera Fang, a band that reminds me a bit of Shock Cinema or other post punk/female vocalist/concoctions.


Tuesday Openings

Another round of the old Tuesday night opening+film screening at the Plaza, this one features a screening of Repo Man and the art of John Pundt, who I'm quite certain is responsible for my favorite atlanta street art of 2007.
Also on Tuesday is the grand opening of a new gallery in Little Five Points. The Opal Gallery's first show, "Soundtrack to Nothing" photographs by Christy Bush, opens 2/5/08 from 6-8. Find out more about the gallery and this opening at their site, theopalgallery.com.


The internet is amazing.

Attractive Eighties Women on Fox 5? A review of "Nostagia" at Beep Beep Gallery at Local Ephemera. A review of "Skull F&*K 2" from Jeremy at Ghostmap Microwave. Who could ask for more?