"This is MY Atlanta"

Bobb Lovett, curator of the recent Pullman Yard Show and local photographer, is having his first solo exhibition next month at Octane Coffee. The show opens this Friday, May 2nd from 8 until close.

(I don't know if this photo is in the show or not, I just found it on Bobb's Flickr)


A is the end of A.

You can now buy a collection of Bean's recent encyclopedia based art work in book form. If you aren't familiar with the work of Ben WorIey aka Bean Summer, check out his website www.nebproductions.com His book is titled "A is the end of A." and you can preview the book or buy it here through Blurb, the new cool place for self publishing.


Weekly Street Art: Gargantuan Edition

HENSE and DOSE go huge on one of the biggest pieces I've seen in Atlanta.


yART Sale at MINT Gallery

"MINT Gallery is currently seeking donations of artwork and gently used art supplies for their 2008 yART SALE. Donations can be dropped off at the Gallery on Thursday, April 24th between 7 and 9 p.m. The sale will be held on April 26th and 27th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the parking lot of the gallery. It will also feature mimosas at the bar and artwork from Aaron Riedel and Rachel Evans on the walls of the gallery. Proceeds will assist MINT in maintaining and renovating their current space. For information on donating or any other questions, email mint@mintgallery.org."

MINT is located at:
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave.
Unit B
Atlanta, GA 30312


Saturday Art

I usually like to write my own descriptions but for time's sake: "This Saturday is the opening for news collaborative work between artists Zarlacc and Harrison Keys. These two artists share a childlike quality that has evolved from gentle doodles to more detailed pieces without losing the spontaneity that doodling provides. All works are pen and ink on paper. The opening reception for this show is Saturday April 26th from 8-11PM."

Also Sopo is having it's closing reception for the custom painted bike frame show that has been hanging in Radial Cafe all month. Reception starts at 7PM.


Groundwork 2 at Foundation One

If you've seen the flyer for the upcoming opening at Foundation One Gallery in Decatur, then you may have noticed that this is the last exhibit in their current space. Apparently the plan is to move into a new space and open back up in the Fall. Most of the shows that they put on over there are spectacular, so I'm sure a farewell show to their space will be killer. As with last year's "Groundwork," we'll see art from the usual locals along with a mix of Juxtapoz regulars and other national lowbrow artists. So come out this Saturday, April 26th, and say a temporary goodbye to one of my favorite galleries in Atlanta.


More shows this weekend...

Along with "Windows 2" at MINT and Record Store Day at Criminal Records, there are a couple other stops you might want to make this weekend. On Friday night, Rabbit Hole Gallery presents "Post Card Diaries" by Mark Mothersbaugh. I'm a big fan of his work, especial musical, but didn't Rabbit Hole Gallery show him a few months ago? Saturday night, April 19th, my good friend Jenny Birdsong has her solo debut with "Modern Muses" at Artspace International.


Windows II at MINT Gallery

Over 30 local artists take a shot at window art in MINT's second annual "Windows" show. This Saturday, April 19th from 7-11. Also, MINT is collecting donations of art and art supplies to sell at their upcoming "yART sale." They will be collecting donations next week and the sale will be next weekend, April 26th and 27th during the day from 10am to 3pm. For info about donating to MINT contact Erica@mintgallery.org


Record Store Day

Record Store Day is the first of many things that you should be doing this Saturday, April 19th in Atlanta.

Atlanta's Criminal Records will celebrate the first annual Record Store Day along with hundreds of independently-owned record stores across the country. Record Store Day is a national movement to bring awareness to the unique culture of record stores and to highlight the special place that they occupy in their local communities.
Along with all kinds of other stuff throughout the day, check out the line-up of performers: Anna Kramer & the Lost Cause, Andy Hull (from Manchester Orchestra), Bobby & the Soft Spots, The Bridges, The Coathangers, Club Awesome, Dead Confederate, Hope For Agoldensummer, Judi Chicago, Janelle Monae, Noot d' Noot, Ocha La Rocha, Single Malt Solution, Suitcases, and Trances Arc.


Weekly Street Art is back: Pray for ATLTis

Weekly street art disappeared for a while but the weather is nice and I'm feeling a little more inspired. Here is one of my favorite pieces I've seen in a while, an update on the ever popular Pray for ATL from last year.


Troispolis Photo Blog

Local photographers Jason Travis, Lee Summers, and Sunni Johnson have started a photo blog called Troispolis that revolves around a weekly theme. This week is "bathroom." The three of them are also featured in the current show at MINT Gallery, "Persona", which you can still see at it's closing this Sunday, April 13th from 6-8.


Atlanta Film Festival

The Atlanta Film Festival starts this week. I haven't done my research this year so check it out yourself at atlantafilmfestival.com. If you feel like it, let me know what films I need to go see.

This weekend

Along with the Pullman Yard Photography Show that was already mentioned there are several other openings this weekend worth noting. Friday brings us a smaller than usual cast of artists at Alcove Gallery. I do however recognize their names from previous Alcove excursions, so for better or worse, we still know what to expect at that space. Then Saturday at The East Atlanta Tattoo Gallery we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Planet of the Apes with "Damn Dirty Ape." A very timely exhibit considering the recent death of Charleton Heston. Flyers below:


Pratt-Pullman Yard Photography show

If you've ever taken an extensive look at photos of Atlanta graffiti, then you've seen your fair share of this abandoned Kirkwood train yard. Local photographer Bobb Lovett has put together an exhibition of photography showcasing the locations rich history and urban decay. The event will take place this Friday, April 11th from 8pm to midnight, at Studio Outpost just across Rogers St.


Thursday Night Screenings

Pick your poison: zombies or Robert Altman?

Handjob Atlanta is mixing up their format a little bit with a zombie themed show including live art, Night of the Living Dead, and more. 9-2. $5 or free to zombies.

Newstreet Gallery has started showing art films for free on Thursdays. April's theme is Identity and tonight they will be showing Robert Altman's "3 Women."


99 Drawings by Joe Tsambiras

This Friday, April 4th, there will be a "casual opening of sorts" at Aurora in Little Five Points for "Make Room in the Life Raft," drawings by Joe Tsambiras. It should also be mentioned that he invited Soulja Boy to attend after noticing his drawing in the background of his Tellem album cover. So here are two flyers, the original and the Soulja Boy remix:

Comfort Kills Pursuit

I don't know much about this show other than its new work from MICHI and the flyer is pretty sick. April 5th at Eyedrum. 6-8

UPDATE: Thanks James.

Comfort Kills Pursuit: Fight

Solo Exhibition

April 6th 2008-May 2008

The first solo exhibition of new works by artist MICHI since 2005 will open in Eyedrum's Small Gallery on April 6th 2008. The show will include new works in a site specific installation.

Visually the work will depict the artist's inner fight with ideas, his battle with comfort and complacency, fears and doubts about race and identity and the introduction of folklore legend King Kotton a simple man who did extraordinary things.


Sopo Bike Frame Show is up

Stop by Chandler Park's Radial Cafe this month to check out the bicycle frame art show that was put together by Sopo bicycle co-op. Then on Saturday, April 26th you can stop by the reception on bid on your new ride.

UPDATE: Thanks to Fifth from Proclaim it Lost, here is a video of some of the bikes.