Art Overload

The last few weeks have been filled with art events. I'll try to go over some of the highlights.

Double Vision (Derek Hess and BASK) at Foundation One: This show opened a couple of weeks ago but I haven't said anything about it yet. As usual F1 has put together a really cohesive show with lots of interesting work. The two artists are pretty established but from what I could tell, it was mostly new and progressive work from both of them. You can expect figurative, destroyed mixed media pieces with bits of design and comic bookery sprinkled in. Go see this show before it closes, its well worth your time.

Concrete Jungle opening at Beep Beep Gallery: Thank you to everybody who came out to see the opening of my first curatorial expedition since college. I'm really happy with how the show turned out and really think that all of the artists I picked for the exhibit came through for me. I'll post some pictures of the work later this week.

Circus Show at MJQ: Stephanie Howard curated this circus/art event at MJQ. Some say this used to happen quite a bit (art shows at MJQ), but from all accounts this was much more put together than previous ventures. Along with plenty of surprisingly well lit art (my major concern about art in MJQ), there was a lot of other stuff put into the event to make it much more than an art show. Plenty of costumed people to avoid paying the admission. I was happy to pay $5 for entrance that included carnival games, a bearded lady kissing booth, amateur acrobatics, and one of the strangest multimedia puppet shows I've ever seen. I'll be on the lookout for a link to pictures from the one night show.

"That Big Ass Art Party": This was an interesting event, a lot of good artwork, loud music, a fashion show that I didn't pay attention to, and a video screening that I missed. It seemed on a lot of levels, that the whole thing was hanging on by a thread. A lot more people expected the advertised, complementary PBR than they were prepared to serve. A couple of fans were the only thing making the inside of the warehouse the least bit inhabitable. Despite these problems, the event was on such a grande scale, with so much art to look at, that even with the $10 admission I was hardly disappointed. I also met Dosa Kim who had both the most amazing piece of the show and that I've ever seen of his. Imagine this piece printed out and then colorfully painted and embellished in standard Dosa Kim fashion. Amazing.

John Oates Will Fucking Kill You: This was the funniest show I've seen in a long time. John Oats has been stylishly inserted into iconic poster imagery. John Oates in the last supper. John Oates in that classic Vietnam war photograph. John Oats wearing a "Take your shit back to Buckhead" shirt. If this doesn't sound retarded to you, go check it out at 11:11 teahouse on edgewood.


Circus Art Show @ MJQ

John Oats Will Fucking Kill You...

"The Art Show"

I've been curious to see a Gutter Pop show ever since I first laid eyes on his Catholic kitch John Oats with PBR poster. Check out his work on his myspace page.


Brune for President

Blood Car's own Mike Brune will be hosting this weeks Doug Dank Project at Push Push Theater in Decatur. If you haven't seen Bloodcar then do the next best thing and check this out. Everytime I've been out to see the Doug Dank Project I've not been disapointed.

The Doug Dank Project
long form improv based on the stories of a guest monologist every week.
Push Push Theater


Who likes to spend money to see art?

At some point along the way people decided it was a good idea to turn art shows into parties. Certainly having a nice reception with plenty of beer, wine, and music is a great way to get people out to an opening. The more like a party it is, the more likely people are to hang around and to come back next time. Unfortunately there are a lot of lines being crossed that make some of these events not about the art at all. Charging admission is one of these lines that I am almost universally against. I hate being involved in a show where I have to tell people they have to pay to see my art. It divides an already fragile art community by separating the casual art patron from anyone willing to drop some cash for PBR and a DJ.

On the other hand, some events need to charge money to recoup costs. And for my money, these should be serious costs. Like 10,000 square feet of gallery space, a film screening, several DJs, a fashion show, complimentary PBR, and 30 artists with new work and installations. For all of that, "That Big Ass Art Party" is charging $10 admission, the same price that a local gallery charges for seemingly every art show, filled with work by any artist willing to sell their soul, myself included. I hope this show sets a precedent for who should be charging you to see art and who shouldn't.


Concrete Jungle Preview

I'm curating the show at Beep Beep Gallery this Saturday. I chose six artists, along with myself, to create art that explores contradicting environments (urban vs. natural, organized vs. chaotic, etc.). This was a very broad theme that I found in a lot of my own work, so I relied on the inherent styles of the chosen artists to provide cohesion for the show. Thanks to the guys at Beep Beep, the artists ( Jenny Anderson, David Hale, Kenny Holland, Stephanie Howard, Bobb Lovett, and Alison Weeks), and to Evereman for help with the show. Here is the flyer along with a couple of pictures of the art before it was hung in the gallery.


Weekly Street Art 4 (skate ramp)

At none other than the graffiti capitol of my neigborhood, somebody appears to be doing some construction.


Foundation One Preview

As usual, Foundation One brings it.

Click here for a preview.


Two things

Probably no one will make it to this show in New York, but I submitted to pieces of local art to "The Most Curatorial Biennial in the Universe Show" at Apex art in Manhattan which you can view here: Check it: APEX

Also, go to Creativeloafing.com and vote for Beep Beep, thoughtmarker, foundation one, noot d' noot, youngblood, eyedrum, selmanaires, dj dookie platter, and other awesome people and places contributing to this great city we call home. Check it here: vote loaf

Weekly Street Art (Evereman)

I recently spent two weeks traveling in Egypt.
I took a little something along with me...

And on the great pyramid...



Weekend Art

We have some promising shows coming up this weekend, most of which are large group shows. So we can hope to enjoy the good with the bad. "Pin-Up" shows are an inevitability of the art world, given it is a sure fire way to attract a large group of artists and patrons to your gallery. This open call gimmick often goes by other variations of the title, as is the case this weekend at Composition Gallery with their "Velcro Show." Arthouse Co-op does anounced their version at the last minute. New Street Gallery strays a bit, but keeps it large with their Vinyl Show, a group show with art on records. Alone in a sea of groups shows, Youngblood is hosting a pair of artists that work as collaborators and often make work based on pieces by the other. Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis both paint in a colorful and illustrative style that often incorporates stencils and other mediums. You can check out their blog with lots of work here. No flyer for the Young-blood show, but as usual, the opening is from 7-11 and all of the shows mentioned take place on Saturday, July 7th.

Crow Mask by Amy Rice.
Reunion (Inspired by Crow Mask by Amy Rice) by Jennifer Davis


Weekly Street Art 2

Unfortunately, nothing new for today, but in hopes of making weekly street art a habbit, here are a couple of old pieces that I like a lot.