My suggestions for Saturday...

First of all sleep in. There's a lot of stuff to do and you don't want to tire out before you see everything. Eat something healthy and drink plenty of water.

Now, the first stop of the evening should be MINT Gallery's "What's Your Twenty?" Get there early so you get first choice of art all priced at $20. I've seen some of the stuff, I promise you can find yourself of steal.

At this point, I'd head over to Foundation One Studios in Decatur. If you've never been there, get it together. Only once have I been disapointed by a show at F1 and I blame myself. Anyways, don't worry if you miss the opening on this, you'll have a few weeks to stop by and see the show before it dissapears. Focus on catching all the one night events such as...

Underdogs of Atlanta at Soapbox Studios.

Or, if you imagined yourself witnessing something a bit stranger yet possibly amazing, maybe this is the event for you.


Best in Atlanta?

Congratulations to everybody named in Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2007! Some of my picks that won: Beep Beep Gallery, Foundation One Gallery, Eye Drum, Youngblood Gallery, Get This! Gallery, and ThoughtMarker.

Add me on myspace...

Do it. www.myspace.com/thoughtmarker

Friday Flyers

All of this stuff is happening this Friday. Stay tuned for more delicious events on Saturday.


Calls for artists!

"What's Your Twenty?" - MINT Gallery

MINT's "What's Your Twenty?" a non-curated show open to all Georgia artists, takes place Saturday, September 29th at the MINT Gallery in the Virginia Cotton Dock Lofts. The exhibition will be from 7-11 p.m.

Artists must hand deliver their work to MINT on Friday, September 28th between 7 and 9 p.m. or on Saturday, September 29th between 1 and 3 p.m. Artists may submit any number of pieces, none of which may exceed 8"x 11" in size. All of the pieces must be priced at $20. Artists can price their work individually or as a series to be sold as a set. Sets can be priced at the equivalent of $20 per individual piece (e.g. a 4 piece set can be priced at $80). Artists must agree to donate 25% of the selling price to MINT. All artwork will be accepted until wall space is full. Unsold artwork may be picked up on Sunday, September 30th between 3 and 6 p.m. The required application/release form is available at the drop off or you can request one via email at mint@mintgallery.org.

"Guitar Hero Custom Guitar Art Show/ Concert/ Tournament" - Beep Beep Gallery/ Lenny's Bar

We are currently seeking custom painted Guitar Hero Controllers for a art show/tournament/concert October 13th at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta. The only requirement is that your guitar be personalized beyond that little sticker packet that comes with it. Email james@beepbeepgallery for more info.

"Monster Wars" - MINT/ Apache Cafe

Choose a partner. Choose a Monster, and prepare yourself for this halloween's super art sensation...MONSTER WARS! you to can participate. pick a friend (or enemy) to help you create the battle of the year, and send an email to .... themobian@gmail.com...
to reserve your spot.
and to get more information.
costume contest.
live drawing.
and more.
hosted by Apache Cafe.


Plastic Makes Perfect

Rumor has it that some sort of film screening will coincide with this opening and take place out back of Beep Beep Gallery. I don't know when exactly, nor do I know what. But if I find out, you dear readers, will be the second to know.


Atlanta Creatives Project

The Atlanta Creatives Project is ongoing documentation of the artists and bands that make up Atlanta. They've kicked off the project with some sweet photos of Dosa Kim along with an interview.


Bring It

Every third Tuesday of the month, MINT Gallery opens its doors for people to stop by and share ideas, collaborate on art, or just hang out. The name says it all. "Bring It" Bring your art supplies, bring your ideas, bring some beer. Stop by tomorrow evening between 7-11. MINT Gallery is located here.


What happened to Andre?

My friend's little brother Andre is playing a cd release show Saturday night at the 11:11 Teahouse on Edgewood. I checked out his myspace page and was pleasantly surprised by the confidence in his voice and the intricacy of his folksy ballads.


Cinemechanica will devastate you.

If you happen to be at the EARL this Thursday, be sure to wear a helmet. I've said it before, and before.

(not quite) Weekly Street Art + Rabbit Hole Opening

[photo stolen from Silas Reeves. Thanks Silas.]

You may have seen this or other work by Transmit Device around town. Turns out that Transmit Device is the street art third of the art making trinity that is Rene Arriagada. That being said, Rene Arriagada aka Transmit Device aka Ne Ne Bling Bling are having a solo/group exhibit that opens this Saturday, September 15th from 7-11 at The Rabbit Hole Gallery. It should be interesting to see how an artist who intentionally segregates their own work through surnames and aliases, can come together to have a group show with themselves.


Art Show Reviews

Local Ephemera has been cranking out the reviews lately. Check it out to get an overview of recent openings from some of my favorite spots (Beep Beep, Youngblood) as well as some spaces that I don't always make it to (Eye Drum, Whitespace, Saltworks). Keep up the good work Local Ephemera.


Rabbit Hole Site Relaunches

Looks like another local gallery has relaunched their website. Check out the new Rabbit Hole Gallery site. (If you tried this before, try again. Now it works.)


Beep Beep Website Relaunches

Check out the new site for Beep Beep Gallery. Now one of the slickest gallery sites in Atlanta.


This Saturday

Noot d' Noot at Beep Beep.

You can read my short response to thier last Beep Beep show here.


This Friday

Killer stuff this week(end). James already mentioned his curation at The M***** F****** Sundial but that's just the beginning. ) I'll get to Saturday later, but Friday is the night to go to Lenny's for a generous helping of rock and roll to benefit the MINT Gallery.

The one band on the bill that I can personally vouch for is The Pendletons out of Athens. They play a catchy brand of indie pop/garage rock with emo, punk, and country tendencies. Here is a song: Not Gonna Stop
The Pendletons will be going on first, so come out around 9 and stick around for Lenny's late night dance party.

MINT has handful of other stuff coming up as well. On September 29th they will be hosting an open submission art show called "What's Your Twenty?", where all art work will be priced at $20. If you are interested in submitting you can just drop it by the MINT Gallery the evening before the show. More info when that gets closer. Also, if you missed the MIXT show you can stop by the space between 2-5 on the next couple of Saturdays.


This thursday

Apparently it gets crazy, so they recommend that you RSVP, which you can do by following this link: http://www.pennhouseproductions.com/sundial/pods_sept07.html

Dress for success!