Goodbye 2008: Another "Best Of"

Here is a list of my favorite artistic accomplishments of 2008 with little order or explanation. And as you know, here at ThoughtMarker we always stick to local goods.

"Majestic Hours" by Joe Tsambiras and Sam Parker at Beep Beep Gallery, Wonderroot, "Weight" by Dosa Kim at Aurora Coffee L5P, "Murmurmur" by We Versus the Shark on Quote Unquote Records, "Neon Apocalypse" by Plastic Aztecs at Eyedrum, Judi Chicago live at Beep Beep Gallery, Era of the Stereograph live via Kirkwood Ballers Club at The Highland Inn Ballroom, "Beautiful Losers" screening at The Plaza Theater, Deerhunter at Vacation Boutique, Apparatus ATL, Noot d' Noot flyers by Squanto, Darkmeat, Record Store Day at Criminal Records, "99 Drawings" by Joe Tsambiras at Aurora Coffee L5P, "Comfort Kills Pursuit" by MICHI at Eyedrum, Cinemechanica's "Rivals" on Hello Sir Records, Burnaway.org, paintings by Steven Dixey, Youngblood Gallery's new location, house shows by The Harold Group,"The Big Haunt" from The Antiphon by Pegasuses XL on Earnest Jennings Records, HENSE and SHIE at the Highland Inn Ballroom, "Pray for ATLtis" by R. Land, Digital Arts Entertainment Lab, Epidemik Coalition's "Set it off" interviews,and Jason Travis' "Persona" diptychs at MINT Gallery


Call for Zines and Books

Local artist Cristina Vidal is organizing an alternative library at WonderRoot. Here is the info:

Books, now more than ever, play an important role in our society to serve as the fundamental capsule for knowledge. Many artists have been creating zines, books, and other types of publications to inform each other of alternative ideas apart from mainstream media. I think an Alternative Library is important for our city so that we can collect these honest publications and have a source of knowledge outside of the evening news. In the next few weeks, I hope to collect donated materials for our reading room. I want the visitors to Wonderroot to feel inspired by our reliquary and have somewhere to look for source material. I hope that after seeing all of the hand-made, hand-published, and revolutionary things we can offer, people get inspired to make their own!
After weeks of collection and organization I hope we can have a huge get together to start this thing off right! All donations can be mailed to me or if you are local we can arrange pick up/drop off. Please contact Cristina at: cristina-vidal@hotmail.com.
Thank you! Vive ex libirs!
Cristina Vidal


Christmas Shopping

Before you head over to Target for your last minute gifts, think about picking up some locally made stuff from locally run businesses. Youngblood Gallery has a bunch of clothes, books, art, jewelry, music, and things you've never heard of, all made by artists across the country and plenty of locals. Right down the street, Vacation Boutique has local records, cds, and even tapes, plus jewelry and vintage clothes. Beep Beep Gallery has used records as well as a show full of bite sized art perfect for gifts. For more local music, or at least locally run businesses, check out Criminal Records, or Ella Guru.


"Currency: An Exchange of Ideas"

There is still time to participate in WonderRoot's January exhibition, "Currency: An Exchange of Ideas." Check out the flyer for info, or contact Curency@WonderRoot.org


3rd Annual Postcard Pinup at MINT

If you are interested, you can still submit to this show. Just bring up to 4, 4x6 pieces to MINT Gallery today between 1-3.



WRAS Fest at Eyedrum.

Sideshow Improv One Year Anniversary.

Last show ever at Rabbit Hole Gallery.


Kelly McKernan on Juxtapoz

Local artist Kelly McKernan, who currently has work up at Beep Beep Gallery and Youngblood Gallery, was just featured on the reader art segment of Juxtapoz's blog. Check out their post here, and check out stuff she has for sale here.

"Introvert" currently on display at Youngblood Gallery


Chris Devoe / Rachael Spiewak benefit at Highland Inn

Thursday, December 11th at Highland in. Info copied from Creative Loafing:

Local bands and DJs are coming together to raise funds and awareness after a Dec. 3 home invasion in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood rattled both the community and Atlanta music scene.
On Thursday night at 9 p.m. at the Highland Inn Ballroom on North Highland Avenue, the Gaye Blades — which includes members of the Black Lips — and Noot d’ Noot, along with a “special surprise guest,” will headline a night of raffle giveaways to benefit local musician and DJ Chris Devoe and community activist Rachael Spiewak of SoPo Bicycle Co-op. Guest DJs will also spin records throughout the night.
Criminal Records, Youngblood Gallery, Sweetgrass Salon, Charis Books & More and other local businesses are contributing items for the raffle.
“Our tagline for the event is ‘It’s a neighborhood watch,’” says Suzy Moran, one of the fundraiser organizers. “We want it to be a benefit [for the victims], but also a way for the community to come together.”
Organizers are requesting a $5 donation at the door to help the victims.

From Rachael on how to help if you can't make it out:

If you can'​t come by and you'​d like to donat​e to a good cause​,​ there​'​s the:
Repla​ce Chris​'​ Stuff​ Fund
You can send check​s to him at my addre​ss:​
Chris​ Devoe​
c/o Racha​el Spiew​ak
1089 Blue Ridge​ Ave Apt 1
Atl, GA 30306​


You can give to my chari​table​ organ​izati​on of choic​e,​ the East Atlan​ta Kids Club. The Kids Club provi​des FREE year round​ activ​ities​ for our kids in East Atlan​ta,​ and those​ kids need our suppo​rt.​ The Kids Club is on the front​ lines​,​ provi​ding love,​ atten​tion,​ and resou​rces to those​ kids and their​ famil​ies daily​ in order​ to build​ a promi​sing futur​e with them.​ That'​s a criti​cal part of what'​s going​ to turn the world​ aroun​d.​ You can give onlin​e HERE.


You can skip the cash trans​actio​n part and learn​ more about​ what you can DO. Check​ out Men Stopp​ing Viole​nce,​ Proje​ct South​,​ Raksh​a,​ SPARK​ Repro​ducti​ve Justi​ce Now, the Georg​ia Innoc​ence Proje​ct,​ Queer​ Progr​essiv​e Agend​a,​ Femin​ist Women​'​s Healt​h Cente​r,​ South​ern Cente​r for Human​ Right​s,​ DeKal​b Rape Crisi​s Cente​r,​ Chari​s Circl​e,​ South​erner​s on New Groun​d,​ or any other​ local​ socia​l justi​ce organ​izati​on whose​ missi​on is to undo a globa​l histo​ry of syste​matic​ viole​nce.​


(Disabled But Able to Rock) Another busy week...

full of benefits, fundraisers, group shows, and events. Not to mention all of the great shows that are already up around town that you may have missed (at Beep Beep Gallery, Youngblood Gallery, WonderRoot, Alcove Gallery, East Atlanta Tattoo, and so on).

First up is Wednesday, December 10th at the Five Spot. "Disabled But Able to Rock"

Come support Danger Woman in a fund-raising event for her very own documentary, "Disabled but able to Rock," produced by Blake Myers, the story of Atlanta's own real life singing super hero, Danger Woman. Performing tonight will be Danger Woman and the Danger Force Band. Sass Parilla, the Singing Gorilla, will be the MC of the evening and the reverend Suzie the Floozie will also give a sermon preaching the goodness of Danger Woman. All of this and a few short clips from the documentary are bound to put your life on the edge.


Thank you.

Thanks to those of you who came out to WonderRoot last night. Thanks to Jtrav and Sealions who are playing tonight at Lenny's. Lindsay Appel who also has a great show up at Radial right now. EVEREMAN who left goodies all over the place. I got to meet artists Jenny Young, Kelly McKernan, and Andrea from Plastic Aztecs (who's show at Eyedrum is awesome and comes down Sunday.) Andre Paraguassu played a great set as well as Era of the Stereograph.

If you didn't make it out, please stop by WonderRoot over the next couple of weeks and let me know what you think.


Indie Wednesday at Parkgrounds

If you've never seen Fake Wood Wallpaper's "Bloodcar", then I'll see you at Parkgrounds this Wednesday.