Weekly Street Art: We Eat Secrets

This piece is around back of the Urban Outfitters building on Ponce and is tagged with a "Paper Twins" sticker. So far I can't find any more info on "Paper Twins" so if you have a link let me know. I love this.


No Art, Just Music

Not entirely true. There are a handful of openings tonight as well as the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll, all of which you can read about on BurnAway's to do list. The real draw this weekend is Corndogorama in Atlanta or Athfest in Athens. Tons of great bands are playing in each. There is already a preview for Athfest up on Drive A Faster Car, and you'll be able to read my preview of Corndogorama there later today. Here is a poster by Mack Williams of Attractive Eighties Women.


"Tagged Abandoned Homes in Atlanta" Trading Cards

I got these about a week ago from Vacation Boutique (which is currently exhibiting some very cool drawings by Allen Taylor) and have been showing them off to anyone who will listen. I love the idea of locally made trading cards and I'd like to see more, specifically Dosa Kim's Apparatus ATL project. To get your own "Tagged Abandoned Homes in Atlanta" trading cards, stop by Vacation or visit ftlogstore.com.


Mr. Never Satisfied

If you pay any attention to graffiti in Atlanta, you've probably noticed work by NEVER. He's got a show called "Not Art" coming up at The Bench this Saturday, June 20th.


Shows above my pay grade.

This week I will be attending a couple of openings at spots that I do not frequent or usually cover on ThoughtMarker, but with good reason. On Thursday, June 18th from 6-9, Spruill Gallery opens a group show of emerging artists featuring work by Jonathan Bouknight, Jason Kofke, Meg Aubrey, Tin Han, Danny Paulette, Rory Golden, Rylan Steele, and Susan Ryles. I'm not familiar with most of these names, but for me the inclusion of Jason Kofke and Jonathan Bouknight is worth the trip.
"Challenger Flight" by Jason Kofke

Then on Friday, June 19th from 7-10, Saltworks Gallery opens A Flood of Pictures featuring work by Brian Dettmer, Katy Clove, and Harrison Haynes. Brian Dettmer is an amazing artist whose work I'd seen for years in magazines and online only to later discover that he lived in Atlanta. As far as I know, this is the first time that he's shown in Atlanta since I've been paying attention and I certainly do not want to miss it. You can also catch an artist talk by Dettmer on Saturday, June 20th at 2pm during the Third Saturday Westside Art Walk.
"Soft Standards" by Brian Dettmer


Don't Miss These Exhibits

Three great openings last weekend for shows that should not be missed. MINT Gallery's Outlines and Outliars was filled with fantastic work by three girls (Kelly McKernan, Chelsea Raflo, and Cristina Vidal) that have just begun to make their mark on Atlanta. Sam Parker and Dosa Kim present some very impressive collaborations as well as a couple of solo pieces at Art Department's new space. And Michi's solo show, Fear Kill's Pursuit at Beep Beep Gallery is on another level. Go see these shows!
From "Outlines and Outliars" at MINT Gallery

From "Fear Kills Pursuit" at Beep Beep Gallery


Outlines and Outliars at MINT Gallery

New work including collaborations, installation and video by three local female artists, Kelly McKernan, Chelsea Raflo, and Cristina Vidal. Outlines and Outliars opens this Saturday, June 13th from 8-11 at MINT Gallery.

San Smith and Travis Smith at Radial Cafe

New work by San Smith and Travis Smith opens up at Radial Cafe this Saturday, June 13th from 7-9.

Photo Sapien

Opens this Friday at Aurora's Highlands location.


Michi's "Fear Kills Pursuit" at Beep Beep Gallery

Opening this Saturday, June 13th from 8-11 at Beep Beep Gallery, "Fear Kills Pursuit", new work by Michi Miko. Watch this studio visit video and keep an eye out for the gourds with speakers in them.


"Chimera" opens Friday at Art Department

"Chimera", a show of new work by Dosa Kim and Sam Parker opens this Friday, June 12th at Art Department's new location at Studioplex (659 Auburn Ave) in the Old Fourth Ward. We all know what Dosa and Sam bring to the table, so do yourself a favor and check this out.


Thank You.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who made it out to Gather Atlanta this weekend. The turnout was amazing as well as the feedback. Thanks to Jeremy at BurnAway for putting together a great panel discussion moderated by Cinque Hicks with five fantastic speakers (Louise Shaw, Rachael Spiewak, Matt Haffner, Michael David Murphy, and Stephanie Dowda). And thanks to our sponsors Eyedrum for the use of their space, Max Lager's for the beer, White Birch Vodka for the vodka, Parkgrounds for the coffee, and Turkenheimer & Hadden for money.

It has always been our plan to make Gather Atlanta an annual event, but there have been a lot of requests for another event sooner than next summer. Look forward to some kind of GATL event going down sooner than later, and our annual GATL being bigger and better next year.

If you have feedback of any kind, please send it over. We are very proud of how the event went, but know that we can do better. Thanks.


Big Things: Artlantis and Gather Atlanta

The energy of the emerging, underground, DIY, etc. art scenes in Atlanta has manifested itself into two big events this Saturday June 6th.

The first event is the Artlantis Arts Festival, an all day event cooked up by Beep Beep Gallery as an alternative response to the current art festival scene. Artists include Beep Beep regulars like Meta Gary, Evereman, and Baxter Crane,as well as festival veteran R. Land among others. Music acts feature local favorites Judi Chicago, Ocha la Rocha, and new favorite of art spaces around town, Book of Colors. It takes place from 10am-8pm outside of Druid Hills Baptist Church on the corner of Ponce and Highland.

The second event is Gather Atlanta, the first annual (and ever) networking conference to unite and promote emerging galleries and creative entities. MINT, BurnAway.org, WonderRoot, and ThoughtMarker have reached out to galleries around Atlanta in an attempt to ignite future collaboration and cooperation between disparate art communities. GATL features a panel discussion moderated by Cinque Hicks (of creative loafing) entitled "Viral Growth: Sustainability and Community Transformation for Young Artists, Galleries, and Nonprofits". More information about participating organizations and panel speakers can be found at GatherAtlanta.com. Gather Atlanta will take place at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery from 6-9pm. The panel starts promptly at 6.

A couple of solo shows.

Local photographer Kate Crosby (who also makes killer hats) is opening her newest show this Friday, June 5th 8pm at Jill Celeste Gallery in Oakhurst titled "Boulevard: exploring Atlanta's most violent street."

Another local artist, Sergio Garzon is presenting "forms" a series of drawings on paper at Barry Sons Art Gallery. He will have two receptions for this show, first on Thursday June 4th for the long pants crowd, and again on Friday for those with short pants. (my way of saying fancy vs not as fancy, feel free to wear your shiny shirt to either)

Photo courtesy of Ben Grad.