One more from saturday

I went to all the same shows mike did last saturday, but I wanted to weigh in on one more (4 shows? what a fucking night!) The installation/assemblage show @ eyedrum is really quite impressive. The door - rope - knife - rope - sledgehammer - egg scenario (door opens, pulls knife, cuts rope, drops sledgehammer, breaks egg) demands some discussion mostly as an interesting example of an installation functioning as a performance piece (since I'm pretty sure it no longer fuctions in that capacity although it still exists at eyedrum). If you see me on the street I'll talk you ear off about it.

Dixey and Relkin's show was great, Mint is a good space but needs some work, and the Foundation One show is the best I've seen there which is saying a lot because that place has ridiculous shows.

I've been staring at Liz Weber's show all week and it's pretty amazing so I hope people make it out to Beep Beep this saturday (and to Aurora on friday for Clique Click).

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