The Saturday we've all been waiting for

I've already mentioned "The Face Show" at MINT Gallery going down on Saturday, March 8th, but there is also so much more. Eyedrum has some sort of twelve hour Draw Off going from noon to midnight. I don't know anything about it but what I've gathered from the vague flyer which I'll let you explore for your self. But my money for Saturday is "Sons of the South: Episode One" at Foundation One Gallery in Decatur. If you saw their disappointing print show at East Side Lounge you'll be happy to know that this show will feature all new work from half of the collective. Every artist on the ticket has the potential to wow and I think that we're gonna see some really good stuff. In addition, that little room in the back of F1 will display photos from The Atlanta Creatives Project. Judging by the number of times I've mentioned them here on my blog, I'm greatful for this addition to the show.

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