New Art Places in Atlanta

More and more artists are coming together and opening up new spots around Atlanta. Two brand new spaces are on the verge of opening up this month.

First is Wonderroot, a non-profit group that encourages artists and musicians to engage their communities through programs and whathaveyou. They've recently opened the doors of their community art center on Memorial Drive in Reynoldstown. A darkroom, digital media lab, recording studio, and small performance space will be available to local artists for a small membership fee or in exchange for community service projects. You can read more about Wonderroot at their well constructed website or their recording studio's blog. Also, Click Clique has posted pictures of the community center on their blog as well. Wonderroot's Grand opening party is Saturday, May 31st.

The second spot opening up is right down the street from Youngblood's new location in what is becoming a really great stretch of N. Highland Ave (The Plaza Theater, San Francisco Coffee, Youngblood Gallery and Boutique, Videodrome). It's called Vacation and its going to be a gallery/boutique/performance space run by a group with strong local music ties. Vacation is supposed to open up this month, but there is no word on the specifics of what and when. Maybe their blog will tip us off when the time is right.


Ben Grad said...

Looks like Vacation's official opening was last night.

mike said...

Yeah. The place seems more like a record store/place to buy bathing suits than an art gallery/boutique like it had been described. Then again there is plenty of blank space on the walls still and I have a feeling the art will eventually show up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this; typed in "new gallery on memorial drive atlanta" looking for Wonderroot 'cause i couldn't remember the bizarre name which someone had told me. Your site came right up. very useful..!