Go See Art.

There is a lot of great work around town for you to check out right now. Stephanie Howard has a huge collection of her photographs up at San Francisco coffee. Sam Parker has an amazing show of drawings up at Youngblood. Check out an equally amazing response to it from Jeremy at Ghostmap Microwave. At this Friday's "Lazlo Hollyfeld" zine release, you'll have another chance to check out "Employee Picks" at MINT Gallery. And if you haven't made it by WonderRoot yet, get over there to check out their current show with art from Charlie B, Lee Summers, RachelEvans, Francis Matia, Brennan Maddow, and Christy Parry.

A Piece by Stephanie Howard

"Absorbing the Network" by Sam Parker


Jeremy said...

: )

Ashley Anderson said...

Don't forget the pinup show at Eyedrum!