There are bunch of ways to help some good local causes this week just by going out and maybe bidding on some art.



All the art hanging for the month of August has been donated by a number of artists to benefit Krystal Woods, Aurora employee, Karaoke Diva, beaming ray of sunshine, and all around amazing woman. Krystal suffers from “keratoconus”, a condition of the eye where the corneas thin and begin to bulge into cone-like shapes. Eventually this condition will lead to total blindness. After trying several alternatives, Krystal is now faced with one option: $20,000 corneal surgery. She has reached out to the government for assistance, but her barely functioning eyes are intact just enough to disqualify her for assistance. Her friends, and the Atlanta art community, have decided to pull together to raise some money and give Krystal the operation she sorely needs.

Please help her by bidding on a piece of art this month.

The auction will end with a closing event August 29th at 10PM.


Come to A. Ghost and Monkeyheart's

Wormhole to Illinois!
Saturday, August 30 7pm
at Wonder Root
982 Memorial Dr. 30316


This art auction, organized by Anna Simonton and Joey Boren, is a fundraiser for The Chicago Playwright's Festival. The festival is a weeklong workshop of ten plays by ten young playwrights, including Boren.

The auction will feature works by artists from Chicago, New York, Montreal, and Santa Cruz, as well as works by Atlanta artists. There will be music provided by DJs Charlie the Popcorn Man and Big Brian Lawd, and plenty of food and wine.

The Playwright's Festival boasts the involvement of Chicago theater professionals in the forms of directors, mentors, and audience members. It is a chance for everyone involved to make connections and showcase their work. Anna and Joey are going as representatives of Atlanta with the expectation that the work they do at the festival will connect Atlanta to Chicago's theater scene and result in new productions here.

The festival relies on funds raised by its participants. The money raised at the art auction will go towards paying rent on performance space and publicizing the event. Your support will help make this possible!

For more about the Playwright's Festival go to: elementtheater.weebly.com

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