Ricky Powell at El Bar

While you might not recognize the name, you just may recognize the work, and certainly the influence of Ricky Powell's photography throughout today's hip hop underground. The most recognizable example for me was the album cover for the Beastie Boys collage hip hop masterpiece "Paul's Boutique" (recently rerelease on cd and vinyl)

Anyways, Ricky Powell is coming to Atlanta's El Bar on Tuesday, February 24th to kick off a new night called Waxchaotics. While the overarching theme or format to Waxchaotics is shrouded in mystery, we do know that this Tuesday's agenda will include a slidshow and DJ set by the New York photographer.


Beep Beep Gallery said...

homeboys throw in the towel, you're girl got dicked by ricky powell!

whatwhatsthescene said...

apparently the guy is a real douchebag. and a sloppy drunk.

Mike said...

Yeah it kinda turned out that way.