Someone please review these shows

There are three shows currently on display in Atlanta that I believe deserve critical discourse but will not receive it. I desperately want to read reviews, responses, thoughts, critique or praise of more atlanta art shows, and I'm putting a cry for someone to do so.

BORN's show "Relief" at Beep Beep Gallery is a great example of an artist so caught up in the process, materials and construction, that the majority of the work has forsaken subject altogether. These assemblages are some of the most daring pieces to come from Atlanta's art underground in my recent memory.

At Kavarna, Saint's show "Vishnu" combines effortless illustrative talent with sloppy execution. As usual, the narrative quality and comic style create an appealing universe, but the addition of color makes the story that much more inviting.

John Tindel's "How to Use the Alphabet" at Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points shows that his process is still evolving his execution is as slick as ever. Did I learn anything about using text in artwork? "bar tab art scene" - genius

Please respond to these shows! Post your thoughts anywhere that you have access to (artlanta.blogspot.com is an open access blog perfect for this) and send a link to ThoughtMarker@gmail.com. There are plenty of people making art in Atlanta but hardly anybody talking about it.


B King said...

You can see my review of BORN's opening at the Atlanta Metblog. I'm not an art critic or anything, but I really enjoyed the show.

J said...

That was my best quote from the show... glad you caught it. Thanks again.