Shows above my pay grade.

This week I will be attending a couple of openings at spots that I do not frequent or usually cover on ThoughtMarker, but with good reason. On Thursday, June 18th from 6-9, Spruill Gallery opens a group show of emerging artists featuring work by Jonathan Bouknight, Jason Kofke, Meg Aubrey, Tin Han, Danny Paulette, Rory Golden, Rylan Steele, and Susan Ryles. I'm not familiar with most of these names, but for me the inclusion of Jason Kofke and Jonathan Bouknight is worth the trip.
"Challenger Flight" by Jason Kofke

Then on Friday, June 19th from 7-10, Saltworks Gallery opens A Flood of Pictures featuring work by Brian Dettmer, Katy Clove, and Harrison Haynes. Brian Dettmer is an amazing artist whose work I'd seen for years in magazines and online only to later discover that he lived in Atlanta. As far as I know, this is the first time that he's shown in Atlanta since I've been paying attention and I certainly do not want to miss it. You can also catch an artist talk by Dettmer on Saturday, June 20th at 2pm during the Third Saturday Westside Art Walk.
"Soft Standards" by Brian Dettmer

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