Us versus Starving

The selective and elite art world that exists in Atlanta aims to fit the high end client and quickly shrinks the possibility of breaking in on our own. We are tired of “wishing” these people would be willing to label us as an “artist” only to take half our money. This is a group show for artists who feel they have no outlet for there work and don’t want the games associated with galleries. We should not be left with only cafes to show early work and this show is designed to destroy that problem within itself. In the city of Atlanta I feel that we have a great collection of young artists that don’t have a lot of great venues to display what they do. We have joined together with the interest of getting a group of all kinds of people to exhibit their work. As young as high school there should be space available to show the world how you feel and we open this up to all ages and mediums. The goal of the show is to find artists with a great mix of originality and style. We hope to continue with this and build a great venue for the non represented to flourish as well as a place that the community will feel they can look for the up-and-coming local artists.
- E.Marston

To me this description sounds like someone is very bitter about an art scene that people like me have been ignoring for years. This seems like a very irrelevant rant to describe a show that even includes some artists that have no problem whatsoever getting into galleries. What is this gallery even called? I don't know, but it is somewhere at Studioplex (a complex that includes The Art Department Gallery as well as some others).

Artists:Manty Dey, Ben Grad, Sergio Grazon, William Hogan, John Lucas, Carla Lopez, E.Marston, Emily Maxwell, Spencer Murrill, Richard Robbins, Christine Vineyard, Gillian Zagorski

Opens tonight, July 8th starting at 6 at Studioplex.


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