ThoughtMarker best of 2009

A quick rundown of the things that excited me most this year in Atlanta.

Abby Glassenberg and David Hale: Birds of a Feather at Youngblood Gallery

The best example of pairing artists together to make a cohesive exhibit all year.

BORN and MICHI: Solo shows at Beep Beep Gallery

Two artists drifting in a similar direction with amazing results. Look out for their collaborative show next year.

Greg Mike and HENSE: Promotional Videos

Two excellent examples of how preview videos should be made.

Paper Twins and JUSE: Street Art

Brian Dettmer at Saltworks

Possibly the most impressive art I've ever seen in person.

Process Clothing: "Pale Rider" Tee

Cooper Sanchez: Solo Show in the Greenhouse Ruins

An amazingly put together event in a really crazy location.

Plastic Aztecs: Intergalactic Strongthang Competition at MINT Gallery

Unbelievably creative work from this prolific collective.

Tagged Abandoned Homes in Atlanta Trading Cards

Kelly McKernan, Cristina Vidal, and Chelsea Raflo: Outlines and Outliars at MINT Gallery

Elegantly presented work by three emerging artists.


Tommy said...

Yet another Atlanta kid scrawling his made up name on an abandoned building made your best of the year list? The rest of this work is really awesome and interesting, that juse shit looks like a piss poor version of something everyone in Atlanta already does..

Mike said...

I agree that the JUSE piece is nothing special. What is special that doesn't come across in the photo is how ridiculous that location is. It is on the top of a water tower in the old fourth ward, towering over the city in a way that I haven't seen anywhere else in Atlanta.