BORN in Aurora

Every time I drive down North ave. going into town, I find myself looking up, trying to figure out exactly how that "HENSE BORN" piece is painted so that I can only see it from atop the approaching hill. And how has it lasted there for so long while anything underneath it get immediately buffed away.

Well now you can get a closer look at BORN's graffiti/tattoo aesthetic by way of metal working as he has graced the walls of Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points with quite a show. Normally I would be disappointed by the inclusion of two pieces from a previous show , however BORN's standouts from the "Punk vs Metal" show at Rabbit Hole Gallery last fall are worth seeing again. While BORN falls into the cliche imagery of late: skulls, hearts, wings, and all combinations of the above; he approaches them with destructive abandon. Industrial metal barrels are ripped apart and used as canvas. Images are burned, rusted, and scraped onto their hosts. The works on paper even maintain the same abrasive feel of the metal, all the while balancing scavenged from the street with intricately constructed.

If nothing else, its refreshing to see an artist known for graffiti to present a show that is based almost entirely on metal work and relies very little on spray-paint.

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mark said...

tight ass show!!! the paper work is super nice.