I just got blown away by the new Snowden video

Snowden is a little band from Atlanta that has gotten a lot of hype from their album "Anti-Anti". The verdict seems to be that anyone who doesn't like it either thinks that the songs are all a bit too similar, or they just aren't into new wave drone. I personally love the album, but not as much as their video for "Like Bullets". Music videos have always been the perfect canvas for experimentation and has given way to the more creative film makers of our time (Gondry, Jonze, etc). The commercialization of music videos, on the other hand, has led to some of the worst film makers of our time. But it seems that independent music will continue to do for the music video what it has done for music. This video is awesome. I stopped halfway through the video to type this post.

Update: looks like this video has been around for a few weeks longer than I thought. Its still awesome though.

While I'm on the subject of music videos, here is the new video from The Gaskets.

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