Calls for artists!

"What's Your Twenty?" - MINT Gallery

MINT's "What's Your Twenty?" a non-curated show open to all Georgia artists, takes place Saturday, September 29th at the MINT Gallery in the Virginia Cotton Dock Lofts. The exhibition will be from 7-11 p.m.

Artists must hand deliver their work to MINT on Friday, September 28th between 7 and 9 p.m. or on Saturday, September 29th between 1 and 3 p.m. Artists may submit any number of pieces, none of which may exceed 8"x 11" in size. All of the pieces must be priced at $20. Artists can price their work individually or as a series to be sold as a set. Sets can be priced at the equivalent of $20 per individual piece (e.g. a 4 piece set can be priced at $80). Artists must agree to donate 25% of the selling price to MINT. All artwork will be accepted until wall space is full. Unsold artwork may be picked up on Sunday, September 30th between 3 and 6 p.m. The required application/release form is available at the drop off or you can request one via email at mint@mintgallery.org.

"Guitar Hero Custom Guitar Art Show/ Concert/ Tournament" - Beep Beep Gallery/ Lenny's Bar

We are currently seeking custom painted Guitar Hero Controllers for a art show/tournament/concert October 13th at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta. The only requirement is that your guitar be personalized beyond that little sticker packet that comes with it. Email james@beepbeepgallery for more info.

"Monster Wars" - MINT/ Apache Cafe

Choose a partner. Choose a Monster, and prepare yourself for this halloween's super art sensation...MONSTER WARS! you to can participate. pick a friend (or enemy) to help you create the battle of the year, and send an email to .... themobian@gmail.com...
to reserve your spot.
and to get more information.
costume contest.
live drawing.
and more.
hosted by Apache Cafe.

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