Stuff you should look at.

If you are addicted to the internet like me, you are probably eager for some links to new and wonderful things. Here is some new stuff to check out, all straight from Atlanta's creative underbelly.

Chuck McCarthy's new blog, Ideasbychuck.com is making waves. He is giving away all of his best ideas that he is too lazy to carry out, swoop in before someone else does.

DJ Dookie Platters has been temporarily relocated to south Florida. Take a look at his blog to join him in his adventures through untapped thrift stores in suburbia. sixweeksinportsaintlucie.blogspot.com

Chris Hamer (Urbn Pop) has cooked up a zine that will focus exclusively on Atlanta artists. Visit Southern Drawl on myspace. Rumor is they might score a gallery space behind the stage at the Five Spot in L5P.

Epidemik Coalition has flooded their blog lately with all kinds of content including interviews, collaborations, and info on their new studio space.

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