reMIXT call for artists

"reMIXT" at the MINT Gallery - mintgallery.org/mixt - August 23rd, 2008

This is a call for visual artists who are also involved in the Atlanta music scene. If you received this, than I suspect that you are somehow involved in music in Atlanta. If you are not than I apologize, please pass this along to someone more applicable.

Last August MINT Gallery opened it's space with MIXT, a show celebrating the relationship between music and visual art through the use of mixtapes. We're doing it again, but this year we want to gear the exhibit toward showcasing the thriving local music scene in Atlanta. I'm sending this call out to local bands, performers, DJs, record stores, labels, venues, etc. to find artists interested in participating in this years mixtape show: ReMIXT. If you (or someone in your band, label, whatever) is a visual artist and want to participate in this show, send me a link or some examples of recent work and an indication of your place in Atlanta's music scene (what band you're in, where you DJ, etc.) We are asking that selected artists will create a mix tape (you remember cassette tapes don't you?) and accompanying art work for the exhibit. Art will show along side cassette tapes in provided walkmen for viewers to listen to. Through this exhibition we are hoping to get a glimpse of the creativity and influences of Atlanta's music community as well as help to bridge the gap between the underground arts and music scenes.

We are also asking for local bands to donate items for us to give away in a local music raffle. Tickets will be sold at the event and winners will choose from CDs, merchandise, or whatever as a way to promote local music and hopefully raise a little money for the gallery. Donors will be recognized at the exhibition and are greatly appreciated.

If interested in participating in any way, please contact me at you earliest convenience at mike@mintgallery.org
Thank you. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else who might be interested.

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