Chimeras, Juxtapoz, and a stencil

Yo Yo Boutique in Cabbagetown, a small gallery that tries to have as little publicity as possible while eternally scheduling their shows up against other huge art shows around town, has a show coming up this Saturday, May 12th:

Large group show featuring paintings, sketches, sculpture, video, photo installations by Stephanie D. Howard, Jennifer Kornder, Jason Murphy, SatKirpal, Travis Smith, Atom 7, Barbara Frey, Judson Akin, Dosa Kim, MICHI, JR Schultz, Erin Bassett, Sam Parker, Zano, Stenvik Mostrom and more.
Superdelux's own Ben Arnold will be hosting a powerpoint presentation on his archaeological Chimera findings!!!
@ YOYO 188 Carroll Street CABBAGE TOWN p404-389-0912
This event is hosted by PBR

Here is a rediculous blog post about Juxtapoz Magizine and the "Lowbrow" art movement. A very good read.

Here is a pic of a stencil piece I saw the other day:

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