Four days straight

A quick summary of four straight days of art this past weekend in the A:

Thursday - ATL Kicks, the sneaker culture show put on by Epidemik Coalition over at Octane Coffee, opened up a weekend that yielded plenty of art events to satisfy any taste. There was a good showing, while the show featured a bunch of custom shoes and photography, with a couple of pieces standing out above most. You can see pics from the event here.

Friday - I decided to go for a stroll at Castleberry Hill. I was pleasantly surprised by the work at Nozoku Gallery, especially that of painter Jack O'Hearn. His found objects as art still life's were so engaging that I actually got into a fight with my girlfriend about one of them. Ty Stokes Gallery is open again under new ownership and showed the best work of the evening. Most of the other galleries bored me.

Saturday - MINT hosted a show about kites at Youngblood Gallery. As usual with MINT, they have artist of all styles and abilities showing along side each other. It was an interesting collection of work with nothing that really blew me away.

Sunday - Yo Yo Boutique held its last ever art opening before closing its doors. In my eyes, it was a miracle that they were able to exist as long as they did on that disaster known as Carol St. The TCB show featured a number of artists that work for at Adult Swim. The work was relatively diverse given the circumstances and all well done. The standouts for me were a couple of drawings by Not Not Retarded. Yo Yo will have a closing party on July 1st. So come out and say goodbye.

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Steven said...

Mike - You are right about the Castleberry stroll, although I liked the show at Get This! also. The found object dumpster shit still life pieces at Nozoku were pretty amazing, actually; and I thought the art there (but not necessarily the reception) was the best of the evening. I also really like your review of the Yo Yo Closing and it made me laugh. I'm not a fan of Yo Yo, and it is fitting that the best work they had to show was by someone named Not Not Retarded. I think Yo Yo should be called the Not Not Retarded Gallery. With that being said, I will probably try to make it to the closing show July 1.