Welcome to the end of Youngblood's stranglehold over the month of June. The fifth and final show from the usually routine gallery is called Pink and is a Breast Cancer Benefit Auction curated by Travis Smith. Check check check it out!


travis said...

thanks for the mentions. here's a few of the artists taking place ...

Jenn Alexander (Atlanta, GA)
Jennifer Young (Atlanta, GA)
Deli (San Francisco, CA)
Scott French (Atlanta, GA)
BonuS SaveS (Chicago, IL)
Luke Feldman (San Francisco, CA)
Katie Knutson (Chattanooga, TN)
Mark Basehore (Atlanta, GA)
Renee Keniston (Lebanon, KY)
phoneticontrol (San Francisco, CA)
Jelene Morris (Columbia, SC)
JustinK (Atlanta, GA)
James McConnell (Atlanta, GA)
Kerri Boles (Atlanta, GA)
Eveline Tarunadjaja (Melbourne, Australia)
Niki Kelce (Brooklyn, NY)
Travis Smith (Atlanta, GA)
Amy Nosek (Atlanta, GA)
June Shin (Atlanta, GA)
Jesse Jaeger (Atlanta, GA)
Evereman (Atlanta, GA)
Shannon Mulkey (Atlanta, GA)
Danielle Distefano (Atlanta, GA)
Michi (Atlanta, GA)
Chris Warner (Atlanta, GA)
Shana Wood (Atlanta, GA)
Dosa Kim (Atlanta, GA)
Aubrey Pope (Atlanta, GA)

and more

Scott said...

Looks like Jesse Jaeger was just arrested for vandalism.

mike said...

This post exploded today because a person mentioned in the comments was arrested for vandalism and it was in the AJC. It's over a year old. Please check out the hundreds of posts that are more recent than this one. Thanks.

Jesse said...

Yeah did get arrested but got a ticket and my car broke in to and f**ked up...

Jesse said...