Tons of Shows!

There are too many art shows to count coming up in Atlanta over the next few weeks. Tonight is the "ATL Kicks" event at Octane Coffee starting at 9pm. Friday is the Castleberry Hill art stroll that happens every so often, as well as openings in Kirkwood (Flexspace's "History of the Future" show) and Avondale (New Street Gallery - Albino Mattioli). Saturday marks the next opening for MINT, this time at Youngblood Gallery. And on Sunday there is some kind of opening at Yo Yo Boutique. Hit me up if you have info on that.[UPDATE: I found a flyer for the Yo Yo show thanks to Drive A Faster Car. Check it out below.] The following week, Saturday the 16th, at Beep Beep Gallery is "Boredom", works by Ben Goldman and Sam Parker on gameboards. Then for those of you with televisions, on June 19th on GPB is "C-47" a showcase of local short films hosted by one of my favorite bloggers and local actors Mike Brune. Here are some flyers:

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