Weekend Art

We have some promising shows coming up this weekend, most of which are large group shows. So we can hope to enjoy the good with the bad. "Pin-Up" shows are an inevitability of the art world, given it is a sure fire way to attract a large group of artists and patrons to your gallery. This open call gimmick often goes by other variations of the title, as is the case this weekend at Composition Gallery with their "Velcro Show." Arthouse Co-op does anounced their version at the last minute. New Street Gallery strays a bit, but keeps it large with their Vinyl Show, a group show with art on records. Alone in a sea of groups shows, Youngblood is hosting a pair of artists that work as collaborators and often make work based on pieces by the other. Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis both paint in a colorful and illustrative style that often incorporates stencils and other mediums. You can check out their blog with lots of work here. No flyer for the Young-blood show, but as usual, the opening is from 7-11 and all of the shows mentioned take place on Saturday, July 7th.

Crow Mask by Amy Rice.
Reunion (Inspired by Crow Mask by Amy Rice) by Jennifer Davis

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