Who likes to spend money to see art?

At some point along the way people decided it was a good idea to turn art shows into parties. Certainly having a nice reception with plenty of beer, wine, and music is a great way to get people out to an opening. The more like a party it is, the more likely people are to hang around and to come back next time. Unfortunately there are a lot of lines being crossed that make some of these events not about the art at all. Charging admission is one of these lines that I am almost universally against. I hate being involved in a show where I have to tell people they have to pay to see my art. It divides an already fragile art community by separating the casual art patron from anyone willing to drop some cash for PBR and a DJ.

On the other hand, some events need to charge money to recoup costs. And for my money, these should be serious costs. Like 10,000 square feet of gallery space, a film screening, several DJs, a fashion show, complimentary PBR, and 30 artists with new work and installations. For all of that, "That Big Ass Art Party" is charging $10 admission, the same price that a local gallery charges for seemingly every art show, filled with work by any artist willing to sell their soul, myself included. I hope this show sets a precedent for who should be charging you to see art and who shouldn't.


Anonymous said...

however if you are someone who doesn't really care much about the art and is "willing to drop some cash for PBR and a DJ" check us out at http://doogallery.com/

Narnia said...

how much is this? also, thanks for the apt. comment. liz is calling today.