Art Overload

The last few weeks have been filled with art events. I'll try to go over some of the highlights.

Double Vision (Derek Hess and BASK) at Foundation One: This show opened a couple of weeks ago but I haven't said anything about it yet. As usual F1 has put together a really cohesive show with lots of interesting work. The two artists are pretty established but from what I could tell, it was mostly new and progressive work from both of them. You can expect figurative, destroyed mixed media pieces with bits of design and comic bookery sprinkled in. Go see this show before it closes, its well worth your time.

Concrete Jungle opening at Beep Beep Gallery: Thank you to everybody who came out to see the opening of my first curatorial expedition since college. I'm really happy with how the show turned out and really think that all of the artists I picked for the exhibit came through for me. I'll post some pictures of the work later this week.

Circus Show at MJQ: Stephanie Howard curated this circus/art event at MJQ. Some say this used to happen quite a bit (art shows at MJQ), but from all accounts this was much more put together than previous ventures. Along with plenty of surprisingly well lit art (my major concern about art in MJQ), there was a lot of other stuff put into the event to make it much more than an art show. Plenty of costumed people to avoid paying the admission. I was happy to pay $5 for entrance that included carnival games, a bearded lady kissing booth, amateur acrobatics, and one of the strangest multimedia puppet shows I've ever seen. I'll be on the lookout for a link to pictures from the one night show.

"That Big Ass Art Party": This was an interesting event, a lot of good artwork, loud music, a fashion show that I didn't pay attention to, and a video screening that I missed. It seemed on a lot of levels, that the whole thing was hanging on by a thread. A lot more people expected the advertised, complementary PBR than they were prepared to serve. A couple of fans were the only thing making the inside of the warehouse the least bit inhabitable. Despite these problems, the event was on such a grande scale, with so much art to look at, that even with the $10 admission I was hardly disappointed. I also met Dosa Kim who had both the most amazing piece of the show and that I've ever seen of his. Imagine this piece printed out and then colorfully painted and embellished in standard Dosa Kim fashion. Amazing.

John Oates Will Fucking Kill You: This was the funniest show I've seen in a long time. John Oats has been stylishly inserted into iconic poster imagery. John Oates in the last supper. John Oates in that classic Vietnam war photograph. John Oats wearing a "Take your shit back to Buckhead" shirt. If this doesn't sound retarded to you, go check it out at 11:11 teahouse on edgewood.

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