This Week in Art

So much stuff this week, and too much of it is on Saturday! Flyers to come for most of these events.

Thursday August 23rd at the StarBar: four local bands that should all be headlining. Noot d'Noot would be enough for me, but they are just opening. Then Ocha La Rocha. Then Gringo Star. Then The Selmanaires. Are you fucking kidding me?

Friday August 24th at Decatur Social Club: Riot in Belgium. If you are into the new rave indie dance scene this is huge. Otherwise save up your energy for Saturday.

Saturday August 25th at Beep Beep Gallery: Three Generations Show. Art from the guys that run the space now, plus art from Joy who ran the space before them as L'Avanue, plus art from Sister Louisa who ran the space before him.

Saturday at: MINT Gallery: MIXT, a group art show revolving around the concept and legend of the mixtape. This is the second show that I've curated in as many months. Over 25 artists are involved, most of whom have created mixed cassettes to accompany their visual work.

Saturday at: Arthouse Co-op: "A Million Little Pictures 2". Its the second installment of their popular mass group photography show with disposable cameras.


Jimmy Squats said...

You forgot anna kramer for that star bar show

mike said...

I think that you are worng. She is playing Saturday at the EARL along with a bunch of other cats at some benifit that I failed to mention.