Recent art show thoughts.

Last night was the big Sons of the South print show. I was more impressed by the overall concept and production than by any individual artist. Most of the prints were typical of the artist with a few exceptions. Tyson McAdoo strayed a bit from his predictably cartoonish work with a very creative piece. BORN, probably my favorite artist of the 11, showed the least interesting piece of the show. The rest I had either seen before, or could have guessed what they were to look like, but still very well done. I ended up leaving with a little print by Charlie Owens and my girlfriend got a very cool peice by Rene Arriagada.

At Foundation One's "Grind" last weekend, local artists really stood up well against the heavy hitters that were brought in, but I hope it is 3 years before I have to look at another show of only skate decks. Todd McFarlene, Shepard Fairey, and Faile all more or less phoned it in and were lost among 60 or so skate boards of varying qualities and aesthetics. Rene Arriagada's piece was clearly the best in the show (but why didn't he sand down those cuts in the board?) and Bethany Marchman's "Jackopolypse" was probably my favorite work of her's to date.

Alcove Gallery is an overwhelming wonderland of very similar looking artwork.

New Street Gallery is currently showing a bunch of art that I've already seen before. Joy Phrasavath's drawings from the Beep Beep show earlier this year were my favorites and a welcome rerun. I love the comic book excerpts by Saint, but I wish that they weren't always on giant, unframed, slightly crumpled pieces of poorly cut paper. Great artist though.

Dear Foundation One, start having your openings on the same night as New Street and Alcove so that I only have to drive out to Avondale once to see three shows.

Great paintings by Steven Dixey at the Eyedrum. Someone please buy me "Cain the Wonderer" or whatever it was called.

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