ThoughtMarker Limited Edition Winter Tee Collection 2007

Some of you may have noticed some ThoughtMarker tee shirts showing up around town lately. I feel that its time I explain whats going on. To celebrate ThoughtMarker's first full year of existence, I arranged for four different tee shirts to be made. Each shirt was designed by artists and organizations that have supported and encouraged the site over the past year, and will be given away in a manor fitting thier creator.
Steven Dixey is among the first artists that I reviewed on ThoughtMarker and one of my favorite artists in Atlanta. His shirt was unvieled at his recent opening at Eye Drum and if you don't have one its probably too late.
MINT Gallery is a non-profit organization/gallery commited to art community building and balancing inclusive group shows with more focused exhibitions. I've been working with MINT as a board member for the last several months and got co-founder Andrew Bellury to design a shirt for MINT and ThoughtMarker. Instead of giving away the MINT shirts, we will be selling them for $10 with all of the proccedes going to the gallery.
Epidemik Coalition is a local design team that I discovered through one of their stickers near my appartment a while back. They printed their ThoughtMarker tees as bright as possible on the brightest shirt made by American Apperal.
Metatronic is the zine/art/philosophy duo of Mark and James of Beep Beep Gallery. They are a major part of why I started the site and there was no way I could leave them out. Your best bet for grabbing one of these tees is to come by Beep Beep's opening this Saturday.

If you earned a free shirt by commenting on that long ass post about art blogs a couple of weeks ago, email me your size and what shirt you want. [mike.germon@gmail.com] Same goes for those who want to buy a MINT shirt. If you want an Epidemik Coalition shirt, buy any shirt from their online store and tell them you want a free ThoughtMarker shirt.

Huge thanks to Andrew Bellury of MINT, Danger Press, Handjob Atlanta, and Leviathan Label who hooked me up big time by printing the majority of the shirts and designing the one for MINT.

(click for larger image)


tentenlarry said...

woot woot!
i'm loving all the designs.

Narnia said...

hey dude. i want a shirt!! metatronic for life!

Jimmy Squats said...

Metatronic is a secret society damnit! now that cat's out of the bag! way to go Germon! and you spelled my name wrong! exclamation points!!!!!!