Call for Artists

Chris Hamer of Urbnpop and the man behind the recent "Underdogs" and "Moonshine Christmas" art shows is planning a show for the MINT Gallery in March and is looking for a few more artists. Here's the deal:

Ever thought you could have done a painting better? Have you stared at this one painting in your grandparent’s house and thought that the person in the painting could so use a uni-brow or a mustache? Here is your chance to make your mark as a home vandal…
Urbn-pop studios and Mint gallery are hosting an art show on March 22nd titled
‘The Home Vandals Network”. We are looking for artists that can make the average piece of art more interesting.

How does this all work??

The concept of this show is to take an ordinary painting, which you might find in a thrift store, or in the attic of your grand parents house and redo it to your liking. All we ask is you leave enough of the original painting where people can see that something was added. Think of the original painting is the backdrop for a scene in a movie, and you are adding the action.

The rules of engagement?

No piece can be over 24x36 in size, all pieces must be framed (glass not necessary, just have a frame around the image) all art work must be turned in to Mint or Urbnpop no later that March 21st. leave enough of the original painting that a person can tell that something was added, but they have to take a second look to figure out what.. Most importantly have fun with this, be as over the top as you want. If you have any questions to what can be done, feel free to send a request over to urbnpop@gmail.com


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Alorinna said...

I just found this blog and missed this deadline, but I'm looking forward to seeing the results :)