Local artists Steven Dixey and Jason Murphy both have new work online. The 13 Sons of the South have launched their website and have an upcoming show split between Rabbit Hole Gallery and Foundation One Gallery. My friend Victoria has started a blog to promote local art events, focusing on film and performance: Venture Out. East Atlanta Tattoo and Gallery has announced upcoming shows including a tribute to The Planet of the Apes' 40th anniversary. There is a relatively new gallery in Grant Park called Hush Puppy Gallery and they have a show coming up on March 1st. The Opal Gallery is opening up in Little Five Points. Their first show is February 5th.  And some of you aren't my friend on myspace yet.


Rabbit said...

there were 2...
mike shirts in one room today.
me in TM/SD & james in TBMs.

you're awesome.

thanks for TM & the word on VO,

pres2go said...

Thank you for the mention of the Opal Gallery opening on the fifth of February. For a little more information, please see: