Go see these shows...

A handful of shows opened this last weeked and there are a couple that need to be seen. I'll comment on the others as well.

Squanto at Aurora L5P: This show is rediculous in the best way possible. Her rainbow colored collages are far more developed than ever before. This is some of the best work of its kind (the hippie mixed media genre), and that I've ever seen from Squanto. I was very pleasantly surprised by the cohesion of Melissa Cox's work since taking on the Squanto personna. Go see this.

"Other Worlds" at Foundation One: Go see this just for John Tindel's work. It looks like he is doing the same thing that he's always done. The same imagery. The same compositions. The same everything. But Tindel has gotten significantly better at every aspect of his craftsmanship. The lines are cleaner, the layers of resin work better, the compositions are tighter. The way everything comes together is monumentaly greater. Just as I had begun to think he would continue to make the same old pieces, just with a rotating cast of characters, he stepped up big time. Well done sir.

Youngblood gallery bored me. Too bad it was thier last show. Read a longer review of it at Local Ephemera.

Saint's "Kinetic Electric" at MINT Gallery - Someone please write a short review of this show and send it to me. (Jeremy?) I think it's subpar execution of really great ideas with loads of artistic talent.


Jeremy said...

Actually, I've already contacted Saint, and I've got something on the way. If you like it, you're welcome to link it or post it to thoughtmarker (as long as I get a credit).

Freddie Sirmans said...

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