Some random stuff

Rabbit Hole Gallery has an opening this friday. I already posted the flyer a while back.

Shaun Thurston's work from San Francisco Coffee last month has moved over to Aurora Coffee L5P. There are also a few new, really big pieces that you definitely need to check out.

You can see the work from MINT's latest show, "Bathory Pollinate Lexicon", for sale at their flickr page.

Deconform Magazine should be showing up sometime this month under a new name, False Magazine. Word is the new issue was designed by Dosa Kim.


Fifth said...

The new cover is a LAFF RIOT.

Rebecca said...

Everyone should definitely check out Shaun Thurston's stuff at Aurora L5P. It's pretty great.

Rabbit said...

it is. he's so good at many things - his mixed media is amazing. while you're in the 'hood, check out the Christy Bush's teen music scene photography at OPAL - next to A Capella - as well. beautiful look into this culture most of us can relate to.

Jeremy said...

those MINT images are nice. kudos.