Deconform is False

The lately resurrected Deconform Magazine has changed its title and relaunched as False Magazine to reflect its new staff and direction. The first issue under the new title has surfaced around town in galleries and what have you. I picked up one last week at a house art show in Candler Park and have read through almost all of it's disparate articles loosely themed around the concept of space and how it is utilized. The highlight so far has been "Rich in Space", a short piece about the creative class' need to take hold of unused space in a developing inner city by Karen Tauches. Karen happens to be the subject of the latest portrait and interview over at The Atlanta Creatives Project.
And don't miss the sick illustration by Steven Dixey found on the back cover's Sons of the South add.

UPDATE: Here is Dixey's S.O.S. illustration.

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