The New Tomorrowland

Local photographer Stephanie Howard, the mind behind last years' carnival themed art show at MJQ is cooking up another show at the space. She explains the concept: "We no longer hold ideals that our Futures (according to popular Media) will be a Utopia filled with technology that will lend to a more efficient human existence. i.e. Flying cars, Jet packs, comfy outer-space utopias. (Jetsons and 1950/60's Disneyland)
Instead we have accepted the view of a more apocalyptic / survivalist Future.
My Goal is to Gather a group of Artist to assemble a show that reflects our concerns, fears, and stereotypes of our impending future rendered in our contemporary styles. (parallel of what now is known as Retro-futurist)"
Click Here for details on getting involved.

"Local photographer Stephanie Howard" you say? Where can I see some of her work? - Stop by The Righteous Room tonight for the reception of her current show.

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