Ninja Puppet Extravaganza

This Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! (November 3-5) Shows start at 8.
featured music DJ Rene Dellefont, and the Sealions

Ninja Puppet Productions and MINT team up with the Eye Drum to bring Atlanta
The Ninja Puppet Extravaganza -

Get ready to expose yourself to this showcase of puppetry, film, music, and still art from all around Atlanta that will change you brain. This The Ninja Puppet Experience will be the launching pad for several new emerging artists, as well as a spectacular venue for several ventures of the craft. This year we are taking the experience to the next level by inviting some of Atlanta's hottest DJ's and bands to come blow up the spot. There is literally no other showcase like this anywhere (that we know of. we honestly haven't been everywhere in the world to verify that). So take it in, and witness The Ninja Puppet Extravaganza.


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