WonderRoot T-Shirt Design Competition

WonderRoot T-Shirt Design Contest

Who can participate? Anyone.

When is the deadline? December 3.

What kinds of designs? 1,2,3, and 4-color. Front, back, front and back. Whatever you can think of.

What if I want to use the WonderRoot logo? Click here to get an .eps version of the logo.

What do you get for participating? The winner will bask in the glory of having their design chosen by WonderRoot and worn around town. Also, you will get a t-shirt for yourself and a three month membership to the WonderRoot Community Arts Center.

How do I submit my design? Please send it to wrtshirt@wonderroot.org. Please send a .jpg file and have an editable file available if your design is chosen.

What if I have questions? Email info@wonderroot.org.

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