Thanksgiving Artstravaganzas Part Two!

"Fun Art Time" is the newest, and long awaited, showing from local artist Squanto, and it opens at the MINT Gallery this Saturday at 8pm. There's not much I can say to describe Squanto's work that hasn't been said before: Read a comparison to The Wizard of Oz's transition to technicolor from Creative Loafing here, a personal account that just scrapes the surface of Squanto's perplexity at Art Relish, a visit to Squanto's lair with plenty of quotes from Ben Grad at Burnaway, an all business press release type description of the show at MINT Gallery's site, and a whimsical, dream fueled prophecy of what awaits you from Noot d'Noot (who will perform in some capacity at the opening) on their blog.

There is also all sorts of info and colorful things to look at on Squanto's blog. Here are some flyers and the only image you'll get of the teepee before the show:

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